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Everyday Manners


A good manner is the best letter of recommendation among strangers. Civility, refinement and gentleness are passports to hearts and homes, while awkwardness, coarseness and gruffness are met with locked doors and closed hearts.

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Social Grace

I Knew She Was Trouble When She Walked Into The Room...

“…her slingback heels clicked in demanding rhythm, but her eyes were concealed behind a netted veil drooping from the brim of her hat. After a shaky inhale of breath, a tear cascaded down her cheek and hit the floor. 823 more words


Beautiful Day

Samantha Mae Haynes is a beautiful, intelligent, witty and charming high school senior. She has impeccable manners, and is a delight to her Memere, that would be me! 187 more words

Family Through Time

Machine Learning & Stress Prediction

Seeking a reliable way to measure when I was am in a relaxed and focussed frame of mind and when I was feeling stress I looked again at the data I had collected for several sessions. 286 more words

Quantified Self

Goodness Gracious

I wish I knew who the author of the below list is because I think we could be friends.

Such simple reminders that are so overlooked these days.


New Ducati Model a Scary Beast Packing Power, Poise

Ask any Hollywood producer. There’s only one way to go when it comes to monsters in blockbuster sequels.

New Ducati Model a Scary Beast Packing Power, Poise

Enduring Gallantry

Civility is particularly due to all women; and, remember, that no provocation whatsoever can justify any man in not being civil to every woman; and the greatest man would justly be reckoned a brute if he were not civil to the meanest woman.

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Social Grace