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An age-old debate: front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive?

By The Lenspeed Team

What drives you? It’s not only Caltex, according to Lenspeed

“There are certainly ingredients to help us achieve this intangible blend of mechanical pleasure geared towards putting a smile on your face” 766 more words

little dash of poise

Confidence is a funny thing. I find it ebbs and flows, including in the most confident of people — even if they don’t let it show on the outside. 130 more words


His Handsomeness...

  Handsome is as handsome does

-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Certain criteria subconsciously come in handy when an individual is adjudged handsome, beautiful or attractive.

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Social Grace

Using Stress App While Getting Tooth Drilled At Dentist

That title does not lie. I wore a Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor paired with SweetwaterHRV’s SweetBeat Life to the dentist where I was to have a cavity filled. 614 more words

Quantified Self

Fortune Cookie 65

like any good gymnast this requires some skill at contortionism:
keeping one’s mouth shut when hitting the mat counts for bonus points


Humility, Grace, Self-Control and Poise.

I can’t say that it has been a long journey into submission because it took me a little less than a year to figure out the what true submission means at least to me. 500 more words

Domestic Discipline

The Communicability of Good Manners

Manners are very communicable: men catch them from each other.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The urge to successfully imitate superior methods of doing things is universal in nature because the benefits of adopting refined approaches far outweigh the timidity of imitation.

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Social Grace