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How social media helps ISIL to spread poison

Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s treachery has paved the way for a very new form of propaganda, as terrorists change the way they communicate to evade security agencies 851 more words

I Was Wrong

I was wrong, you’re still fire.

But you no longer heat the hearth in my heart but instead, you are the fire in my veins. A poison, a cancer – burning my skin to soot, flesh to ash. 9 more words


Toadstool Trouble

Along with parenthood comes the inevitable experience of raising a problem child. Every parent has one. Sometimes even two, three, or more! You know the type, the son or daughter who causes a ruckus with nary a second thought. 674 more words

Slice Of Life

Drink the poison.

Drink the posion.

Do it.

Put it to you lips.

Smell it, if you’d like.

Can you smell the toxic mixture?

Does it smell sweet? 68 more words

Issue Of The Week


magnificent coloration

cloaking poison;

delicious bouquet

masking toxins;

mouthwatering palatability

veiling venom;

treacherous injections

obliterated by inoculation


Beware of Nutmeg This Thanksgiving

There’s a new threat this holiday season. The New York Times reports that toxicologists have a warning for anyone getting into the spices over Thanksgiving to be extra careful of nutmeg. 194 more words