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mighty pen

The pen is mightier than the sword. But only if it squirts poisoned  ink.



The night before the scene set by The Laboratory by Robert Browning.

Now that I, Laying here in bed
I gaze through these lace curtains of white, 282 more words

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Caught in the ropes, lined

With thorns, needles,

As the savagery of the birds

Tear open another chest.

I am paralyzed, as is my soul, 96 more words



Some of the children, while playing with him at school
Didn’t like Herman, for they said he was a fool
It wasn’t so much true that he really was one… 431 more words

#069 Bellsprout

I don’t like Bellsprout. I need to establish this upfront because the second segment is really going to make it sound like I do. I don’t. 1,458 more words



During the war, If someone accidentally walked into a mine field and not trying to get out fast, sooner or later he’s going to step on one and ignite the bomb. 160 more words

The Rat

“Déjà vu”, I wondered as I entered the wash-room. The lid to the drain pipe was off. It has been going on for a week or so, or maybe not. 410 more words