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Me, My games, and my iPhone

iPhones help a majority of the human population nowadays. They help with various things and now, mine shall help with my blog. The posts may not look as professional as I hope them too but it’s a good easy way for me to post and to remember to post. 197 more words

Video Game

Pokemon Update #7: Gym Badge #3

Time to hit the Castelia City Gym. Get to the front to see what type of gym it is…


LOL bug. Bug is such a shitty gym type because fire types are always pretty powerful and OHKO them easy. 242 more words


Pokemon Update #5: Second Gym Badge Time

So, time for the second Gym. I honestly do not remember much due to the fact the gym wasn’t very memorable. It was a poison type gym and most poison types are pretty crappy. 331 more words


Pokemon Update #6: Double Evolution and More Team Members

So, after the gym there is some Team Plasma shennanigans. They are all real low level and really shitty right now with shit Pokemon so it is nothing to right home about. 621 more words


Pokemon Update #3: Gym Badge #1

So, I go into the gym unsure what level the pokes are at and unsure of the gym type. Clicking around, it is a normal type gym which is good and bad at the same time. 476 more words


How to pick up a right 3ds flashcart for playing pokemon x/y or pokemon white/black 2

pokemon gamesĀ  come with two versions, one is nds series,such as pokemon white 2, pokemon black 2, pokemon pear and so on. The other one was 3ds version : pokemon x/y. 218 more words


Welcome to My Pokemon Playthrough.. Yep, You Read That Right

Remember when I mentioned this blog is random as hell with no real point in life other than wasting my time? And for some reason I enjoy it? 547 more words