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Just found this on facebook xD

Finding this pokemon and attack on titan crossover is awesome XD

What Voltorb was made for

Source: Tumblr

Voltorb is a man made Pokemon. Although it is now a Pokemon used by any trainer, it used to be used in the Kanto War, where soldiers would replace Pokeballs with Voltorbs. 6 more words


#052 Meowth

You know, I feel like I’ve mentioned Pokemon archetypes before, but I can’t for the life of me remember which Pokemon I mentioned it on, so I’ll reiterate here. 1,150 more words


Breeding Shiny Pokemon....is such a drag!!

Yes, I’m currently trying to breed a Shiny Axew and its taking FOREVER!! Like what is this? I’m doing the Masuda Method, and I have a Japanese Gible and my Canadian Axew (eh?) and they have been in the daycare for a few days now, popping out babies like hot cakes and still no shiny! 91 more words