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Nerd Block August Unboxing

I open this months Nerd Block and in mu excitement of having two hands again I confuse the Theme with My Geek Box…



Y U RUIN CHILDHOOD: The Ugliest Pokemon Evolutions

Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood, and adulthood. I was inspired to write this because Pokemon has changed so much over the years. And the one thing I hate the most? 617 more words

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Mostly Gaming Asks: Who's That Pokemon?

I completely forgot to post the answer to the last one!!

Mega Electrode! As you might have guessed it’s design was based on a Master Ball. 85 more words


Pokémon's Message

Hello, Zyvalor here and I’m sad to say that there has been a major misconception with what Pokemon really tells us about animal and humans. And before I get slapped with something from PETA, this isn’t about cruelty, or not completely. 665 more words


Pokeball cake

Today I made my first fondant cake. Also, today I made my last fondant cake.

PS- thanks to whoever pinned this cake idea and the poem. 8 more words

Click It B4 U Eat It!

Pokemon X

I know what your thinking. And your right to a point. Pokemon is a kids game but, I was of that age when the original  game first came to the shops. 455 more words

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Pokemon Diamond's Cyrus: Madman or foil hat-crazy?

All right! I now have five of Sinnoh’s eight badges! That means I’m probably nearly done the game!


In past entries I’ve written about the things I’ve not enjoyed in… 989 more words

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