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Hey I found you another shiny rock to show my love or something.

A random pencil doodle I found that I did… back in August of 2013, according to the date I wrote on it (I also wrote “look at all this loser shit” on it too, pff). 55 more words


Pokemon and My Life

When I first had Pokemon introduced into my life, a whole other world where people were more understanding and caring above everything else (which the exception of team rocket etc) My favourite thing about Pokemon is the underlying strategy behind it that isn’t obvious at first glance, but when you take the time and discover there is a whole other side to it, just as there is to me if people just give me a chance. 148 more words


Pokemon OR/AS Soundtrack Release

The Pokemon Company has released a soundtrack for the recent games, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The 160-track soundtrack has been released on iTunes for those living in  North American and Europe. 25 more words


We Can't Stop

I’m a psychic little piggy
And I have a friend
That we can call Iggly
I have a pink pearl on my head
And a long swirly tail that I got from mommy and daddy… 177 more words


Tee 479

Grass Type
Designed by Ste7en Lefcourt