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And Then I Totally Binged on Pokemon...

Raptr sends me a report every Monday telling me how many hours of video games they tracked me playing the previous week.  When yesterday’s report indicated I had played less than two hours in the last week of August, I should have been quite skeptical.  2,152 more words


Day 2: Favourite Childhood Character

Today is Day 2 of my 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I drew Pikachu as part of today’s prompt: Draw your favourite Childhood Character. See below for the 30 Days I’m working from!


Pokemon Black, part 5

My party is now Swanna, Emboar, Arheops, Musharna, Excadrill, and Zebstrika. They’re a pretty formidable party! I finally beat the Driftveil City gym using Excadrill. I already beat the Mistralton gym too. 60 more words



Yuuki Morita, a freelance CG artist based in Tokyo, has created a set of realistic renditions of the final forms of Pokémon’s original three starters (Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur) depicting what they would look like if they actually existed. 6 more words


Pokémon Steelbooks

I’m pretty excited to get my hands on Nintendo’s next Pokemon games; the remade Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And now, with the announcement of a Limited Edition Steelbook becoming available, I’m even more desperate for them. 107 more words


Pokemon Fusion - Week 2

Similar to my previous attempts. Been concentrating more on making more cleaner lines and studying styles used by various artists I follow. Also attempted to color a bit again but in my opinion still needs a ton of practice. 47 more words