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Pokemon Red & Blue - "Honest Trailer"

SO WRONG – Nonetheless, we couldn’t stop watching.


Comic-Con: Day 1 In Photos

I’m currently at the Mecca of nerds, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). I’m sharing a bunch of new photos each day of cosplayers, toys, statues and anything else I can find! 68 more words


The Move 'Ancient Power' literally brings out Powers an Aincient Pokemon once had

Source: Reddit (another c&p, sorry…)

First off, the text description for Ancient Power says of how “The user attacks with a prehistoric power”. All fossil Pokemon and mostly all legendary Pokemon learn this move. 538 more words


Pokeball Nails!

Super easy and super cute Pokeball nails

Happy Creationalizing,

-Marker (Crayon is on vacation!)



Looking at ORAS: The Updated Team Magma and Team Aqua!

I’m sure that we all know that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out this November. There have been all sorts of sneak peaks into what is in store, but is what we’re really getting going to be good? 374 more words


Three and a half months later....

Wow. I’m a horrible blogger. There are no excuses for me not blogging more often then this. It’s kind of like my affinity with Twitter. I just can’t get into it lol. 577 more words


Battle of Legends Pt. 1

So, a few quick updates. I participated in Wonder Trade Wednesday yesterday and had to breed a bunch of Vanillites to Wondertrade off in honor of PKMNcast.com, and just because it is fun and stuff. 708 more words