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Adamant Nature: atk+ spa-

Although boosting moves are typically frowned upon, Cloyster is one of the few Pokemon that can consistently set up and sweep the opponent’s team with ease. 129 more words


Pokemon Challenges: The Challenge of Christian Runs

This is a “joke challenge”, and one that you may not have heard of. The Christian Run is our next Pokemon Challenge! It’s unique and it’s pretty funny. 290 more words


Daily Writing Prompt #440

Every 1000 years or so, people go through a Pokémon-style evolution of sorts and gain better abilities like sight, run speed, jump height, cognitive power, etc.


Pokemon Hack: Shining Opal Version

I recently just started playing Pokemon Shining Opal, and it was highly recommended to me by my friend Shujo.
While I did not want to play it right away (since I like to save the best for last), I decided that I could not wait any longer and finally decided that I should give it a go. 1,180 more words


Pokémon Nicknames: Mawile

Mawile is a dual type STEEL-FAIRY type Pokémon.  Prior to Kalos Region, it was a pure STEEL type.

“Mawile” ( in Japanese クチート  “Kucheat” … 188 more words