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First Tattoo!

Pokemon was a massive part of my childhood. Swapping kisses for shiny cards, paying money for specials… I have very fond memories. And it’s Spearow – the 21st pokemon. 38 more words

Stud's guide to enjoyable Wonder Trading

Welcome. This guide is written with the intent of making wonder trading fun at every level of experience. All players can make use of this new-to-X/Y feature and with a little creativity make it more fun for the recipient of your poke. 643 more words


#137 Porygon (and something else)



I have thought a long time before i started with porygon. I still don’t know how to make him look more ‘edgy’ but he turned out all right! 54 more words

All Made Pokémons

The Politics of Pokemon

The Politics of Pokemon

An Ottotastic Musing

I’m on a roll today.  Fresh off a bathroom break, I’m ready to knock another article out of the park.  260 more words