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Daily Paint 10 - Charmander

Another Pokemon but this time in my own semi realistic style. Tried to paint with a single local light source (the tail) from my head. No refs. 17 more words


Tee 493

Electric type
Designed by Ste7en Lefcourt


5 Things That Rub Me the Wrong Way: Pokemon...

So like I said, PokePicks will be returning next week. However, this week I’ll be changing things up a bit by expressing things that rub me the wrong way in games that I love. 709 more words



Ah, I wish I could write up a blog entry more often, but my life doesn’t include enough interesting events for me to have sometimes substantial to talk about. 435 more words


January 27th, 2015: Crisis Averted, Onto The Future

Good evening… infidel… (remember, it’s spelled A-c-phlegm…),

All Achmed the Dead Terrorist joking aside, it is indeed a good evening. We have survived the snow-mageddon or whatever the heck people want to call it here in the Northeastern US. 1,698 more words


Why are we obsessed with anime?

Societies engage in cultural exchanges in a variety of ways. Cuisine, dress, architecture, even elements of language find themselves transferred from one people to another. The result is imported cultural elements intermingle with native ones creating new and interesting trends. 234 more words


Pokémon Nicknames: Riolu and Lucario

Pokémon.Nicknames: Riolu and Lucario

Lucario ( in Japanese: ルカリオ  “Lucario”) is a dual Fighting & Steel type Pokémon. Lucario evolves from the (baby form ) … 330 more words

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