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Shiny Whiscash!

Yesterday I found my 44th shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Y; a shiny Whiscash!

After finding the shiny Mime Jr. I decided to head to Route 19 in the hope of getting a shiny… 121 more words


Shiny Mime Jr!

Yesterday I found my 43rd shiny pokemon on Pokemon Y; a shiny Mime Jr!

After my recent success in finding shiny pokemon in hordes I decided to try my luck for a few more. 221 more words


Pokemon X & Y To Distribute Heracross And Pinsir

A new Pokemon X & Y distribution event will be starting August 13th till September 17th.

Pokemon fans will be able to obtain Heracross for Pokemon X (only encountered in Y) or Pinsir for Pokemon Y (only encountered in X) through the Internet. 39 more words


Pokemon: Get Heracross Or Pinsir Via Special Distribution, Their Mega Stones At GameStop stores

From August 13 until September 17, The Pokémon Company International will host a special, limited-time wireless Internet distribution for owners of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y… 64 more words



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Pinsir/Heracross Wi-Fi Event Announced!

A new Wi-Fi distribution event has been announced by Pokemon. Starting on August 13th and ending on September 17th, players in North America will be able to download either Pinsir or Heracross to their Pokemon X/Y games. 33 more words