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Super Smash Bros. How To Play: Pokémon

Keldeo, Arceus, Xerneas, Genesect, Zoroark, Inkay… wp.me/p4pRRZ-49p
DePapier (@NintendObserver) September 01, 2014

You can use Poké Balls or Master Balls to summon all kinds of Pokémon.

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Wii U


Type: Poison, Ghost

If anyone feels offended by the description below I am sorry. I am basing my information on the facts used by the iPhone Pokedex app and the Bulbapedia site and have interpreted in my own way. 322 more words


My First Time At A Comic Con

I’d always wanted to go to a Comic Con but the opportunity only arose recently. I didn’t know what to expect, but was really hoping to find something relating to my own interests. 507 more words


Yammering About Yokai - The Tengu And Its Pop Culture Influences

In my opinion, there’s nothing more influential to Japanese Pop Culture than that of the country’s rich, folkloric past. While Western productions seem to have a tight grasp on more European myths and legends, Anime, Manga and Japanese-made video games are obviously more in tune with their own mythological history. 713 more words


Steeling myself in Pokemon Diamond

I like to think that the complexity of the gyms in Pokemon Diamond reflects the Game Freak team’s contemporary understanding of how each gym’s type works. 614 more words

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Pokemon Evolutions: Trading

Welcome to the second part of the Evolution series! If you didn’t see it before, check out the first part here. Today we’re going to look at Pokemon who evolve by trading – which is the worst method of evolution in my opinion. 181 more words