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The game we play every day

Life is pretty much similar to Texas hold’em poker. Your buy in represents the time you have in this world, the cards dealt represent the circumstances presented to you in your life, and the moves you make represents the choices and decisions you make with respect to those circumstances.

Random Musings


I ceased giving a single shit about poker; my drive to win evaporated. I could hardly bear the drive across town and the tedious details of getting a seat in the game; this was certainly depression-related, to be fair. 429 more words


Well.... Here Goes Nothing...

I’ve started this blog out of frustration. Although I have a lot of people in my life, I just don’t feel like I have one that I can tell EVERYTHING to. 811 more words


7 types of poker players you never want to play with

A game of poker is one of life’s great pleasures … with the right people around. If you’ve got a table, whether it’s virtual or online, full of friends and/or people who love poker as much as you do, it will be time well-spent, win or lose. 739 more words

TroubleFree Trademark Poker Texas Traveller Table Top Chip Travel Set

We will now investigate the various factors that affect the poker chip, such as size, weight and materials used in the manufacture of professional poker chips. 296 more words

Poker's Eyes tutorial showed

Hi, Poker’s Eyes – Texas Hold’Em Solitaire  is my actual side-project, at the moment is a pretty complete game but still need the final audio, so i don’t have a release date yet, but today i give you a sneak peek from the tutorial taken from the iPad version.