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Going with the Kings

After my first article on how to handle AK all-in, the bad good idea and Getting with the Aces, let’s have a view on the “Cow-Boys”. 407 more words

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That time I walked in a casino to play poker

It was a long time ago that I got in this casino somehow. Not that I really wanted to.
It just happened so I sat at a table, and watched people play poker. 545 more words

A Candid View of Poker- The Dark Side of Felt by Tyler Nals

The blurb reads,

You know those guys who play poker for millions of dollars on television? I’m not one of those guys. Instead, I risked my life on a nightly basis playing in underground poker games on Long Island and in Charlotte. 421 more words

Indie Authors

Poker as a Metaphor for Life

NOTE: Unicode playing cards do not work for some mobile devices due to font rendering. I’ve updated the post to use boring ASCII.

You can’t know the future. 919 more words


Points On The Package

Have you ever seen the TV show The Wire? If not, you better get your shit together, it’s the best TV show ever. The show revolves around inner city Baltimore with each season focusing on a different topic. 660 more words


Added Advantages Of Online Pokies

New pokies will always be some of the most amusing casino games out there, primarily because of its really simple concept and have. The more you play, in winning the jackpot and the higher bet you put, the better opportunity you will get. 381 more words


How to play aggressive

Many people misunderstand the concept of being aggressive in Texas hold’em poker. It is about time to talk about it.

What people believe

Usually people believe being aggressive means raising pre-flop, Cbet, re-raise and go all-in. 385 more words

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