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Episode 170 of the CPL Poker Podcast


Episode 170

Released 12-20-2014



Episode 170 has the following segments:


–CPL Intro Banter

–MN Music featuring “I Belong To You” by Rani

–CPL Poker News… 19 more words


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Хотите получать стабильный пассивный доход и не работать при этом с утра до вечера? 19 more words


Analysis so far: $0.01/$0.02 after 1572 hands

Hooray! Profit again. Plenty of variance though, and well ahead of EV, so  I guess I’m celebrating a bit of luck. Still, here to learn. 92 more words


19/12/14 – 6Max $0.01/$0.02

Hands: 218
Duration: 0:53
Winnings: $4.36
Win-rate: 100.0 bb/100

So, before this session I watched a video where a coach was going through a 6-max Zoom session, and it inspired me to change things up a little. 583 more words


My 1st 3-Act Question: A $496,000 hand of High Stakes Poker

Submitted to 101qs.com.

It’s a hand between Mike Matusow and Daniel Negeanu where Daniel has to make a half-million dollar decision.

This video will explore simple and compound probabilities.

Analysis so far: $0.01/$0.02 after 1354 hands

Well, crawling towards even again.

Leakbuster still says W$SD% is too low, but it’s increased a little since last time. Same with that statistic in the Cutoff seat. 64 more words


18/12/14 – 6Max $0.01/$0.02

Hands: 193
Duration: 0:35
Winnings: $4.46
Win rate: 115.54 bb/100

Not too bad.

This is my third-biggest win – I’m not sure I got this one right: 296 more words