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Rummy slot is an fantastic fun game from the royal casino Texas!!! With this game you can enhance your enjoyment by playing it all the time. 82 more words


Hearts. Spades.
Clubs. Diamonds
Red. Black. 1 to 10.
In here lives Kings, Queens, Jokers.
Life is a block of cards, we guess
to shuffle or not to shuffle.


Stereotypes - The Donk

Did I just hear a Heeeeehawwwww? Yup, I did. That means a Donk just got moved to my table. The table always gets a bit brighter when a yellow label shows up. 943 more words


9 things you can only do playing poker in an online casino

Great as casino poker outings can be, sometimes you’d rather play online. Why? The reason might have to do with the differences between the online and in-person games … or it might be because there are certain things you can do at home that you just couldn’t do in a crowded casino. 540 more words

Las Vegas Adventures

I stepped outside my poker world the other night and had a great time! There are three “touristie” outings that are on my bucket list and I crossed off one: The Neon Museum otherwise known as the Neon Graveyard and the Neon Boneyard. 521 more words