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Stationery Frenzy

I have a thing for beautiful font and well-organized planners (*guilty as charged*)…but don’t we all?! As I was searching the internet for a new agenda, I came across several websites that offer incredible products in the stationery arena. 208 more words

Eco-accessories: Thoughtfully crafted and thoughtfully purchased

Today I want to feature a series of products I have found that not only look incredible but each have their own unique story. These products were all made with a larger purpose in mind, whether it be ecologically sound or handcrafted in the United States. 461 more words

creature comforts

Poketo’s ‘Creature Mug’ would make a sweet little gift for the roomie who graciously puts up with you and all your foibles — freshly imported from Japan, they’re available  41 more words

Gift Ideas