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Waiting for Polars reply to my problems with Loop.

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Day 13 - 19.4.2014

Problems with Loop continues. Now it wont start charging or syncing at all, neighter computer or loop does nothing after pluggin loop into computer. Polar pls.

9k~ steps counted


What Price, Running? (2)

One Ring To Rule Them All.

Or rather, in this case, I just want ONE device to capture all that I need whilst exercising.

As shared earlier, I had discovered that running isn’t cheap – whilst it is relatively inexpensive in comparison with other sports such as wakeboarding and biking, my wallet feels the pinch from the peripherals that I have had to buy (ok, ok, not HAVE to, but rather, ermmm… wanted to and got.) 727 more words


When A Sine Wave Is a Circle

When y=sin(x) is plotted on a polar coordinate system, with everything set, consistently, to radians, the resulting graph is a circle sitting atop the origin, with unit diameter.