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Recorridos en el Tren Polar y posadas navideñas en Xochitla

Y como siempre Xochitla pesando en nuestras tradiciones y en cómo celebrarlas en familia, nos invita todos los fines de semana de diciembre y hasta el 4 de enero… 150 more words



Sometimes you have a little time on your own in the field as a guide. In this case I was standing outside a canyon with a group of people inside with some colleagues. 86 more words


One Can Only Hope

Continuing the 3words xmas challenge (17/25)

Today’s 3words are: Advent, Polar, Manger.

Setting the churn in corner out-of-the-way, I decide to get back to work on the boxes. 74 more words


CLOT x Medicom Toy 1000% "Polar" Bearbrick

 The “Polar” Bearbrick designed by Edison Chen, features a clean white body, hints of color on the ears and the “I am cold” slogan on the back of the leg, a phrase commonly used by the creative director. 9 more words



When working as an expedition guide it’s one of my jobs to give the guests the best views of Spitsbergen wildlife. On land there aren’t too many mammals on Spitsbergen, only the Arctic Fox and the Spitsbergen subspecies of the Reindeer are native. 189 more words


Of Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor PurplePink

The polar AXN series are aimed at the more extreme sports end of the market. Miscellaneous models include compasses, altimeters, barometers and vertical speed measurement in addition to the popular… 214 more words