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Those with two faces
force into silent secrecy
and fight against slavery
leaving me in misery
by creating mazes

Against my will
they banish
then vanish… 24 more words

Liva Evita

The proof is in the way it hurts

I feel like I’m too much for you, I’m too much for me sometimes. .. All of the time.
It’s all too much, middle ground in between the raw and the logical. 633 more words

Matters Of The Heart

Probing the Polarity of the World

(This paper is just a section in a compilation of academic papers discussing the polarity of the present world order.)

The Cold War global power structure is a bipolar one – the United States of America and the Soviet Union. 902 more words

Political Science

The small problem with duality

The whole creation is based on duality as it is the primordial polarity which gave birth to creation. Beyond creation there is unity and unity has to separate itself into two poles to give birth to countless children, countless numbers which all go back to the number two, the two poles, plus and minus or father and mother, yin and yang or fire and water. 557 more words

Light & Darkness

Crying Vowel

Auckland harbour has a problem with effluent. Oh, I’m sorry that should read affluent. What a difference a simple vowel can make. The giant… 150 more words


Eclipse DreamCatcher with 3 tails

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for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com… 227 more words


Why life is a double-edged sword

Your personality experiences life as triangle of possibility. You will be poor, satisfied or rich. Weak, healthy or strong. Sad, happy or ecstatic. All these things can and will occur in one way or another. 283 more words

Personal Evolution