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Mind your own business! is the sole sufficient rule.

Because I suck at wordpress, this post was accidentally published before it was fully baked. Oops.

This post is about divination and magical responsibility against philosophy… 1,028 more words


XTC-Skylarking (corrected polarity version): A revelation

Skylarking was one of my favorite records when I was in college. It’s still one of my favorite records. I always thought it sounded great, but now we’ve discovered that it was mixed with its polarity reversed, which will basically take all the dimensionality out of the sound of a record. 45 more words


A MultiFunctional Auto Electrical Circuit Tester with LCD Display

Here’s how to use a multimeter to test an electric appliance:

1. Disconnect the cord from the power source (electrical receptacle).

A multimeter (also called a volt-ohmmeter or VOM) is another way of testing continuity. 288 more words


What to do with the ball - kick it or pass it?

It’s that time of year. The detailed planning and preparation has begun. Research into the competition, ruthless conditioning and contingencies accounted for. You might be forgiven for thinking I was talking about the winter sport season of rugby and netball if you’re from Australia or New Zealand. 1,279 more words


BRICS and the tendency to sub-imperialism

Despite their anti-imperialist potential, BRICS states have promoted neo-liberal and imperialist practices that facilitate capital accumulation, resource extraction and expansion of their markets. But growing popular unrest against exploitation, ecological destruction and neoliberalism in the BRICS countries may lead to a different, anti- imperialist, course.

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Until the sadness comes undone: Living in the struggle

I struggle with the polarity of life. Light and dark. Love and hate. Apathy and passion. Devotion and desertion. And then the one that matters most—life and death. 439 more words

The Energy Healer

For my pitch I’m interested in profiling Karen Meyer, a well known teacher of the energy healing art in New York City.