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Masked Dancers

It is easy and without substance to choose sides.
It is not so easy to expand one’s perspective through calculated and liberating experiences.
It is not so easy to digest value in our mistakes. 45 more words


What is Embodiment # 46: Doers and Be-ers

There are two types of people in this world: those who never get anything done because there’s nothing to BE done, and those who can’t stop doing because there’s too much to DO. 67 more words

The Great Mirror

Spectrums fluctuate in an interwoven array
Transmuting in cascading cycles of emotions
Countless windows looking out to the great mirror
Of which we can only see ourselves.

Travis the Traveler


Accept Your Good!

Your Good is at hand.  Accept it and be happy.  Right now, this instant, you can begin creating a wonderful life, if you’re not already.  What?  1,435 more words

Produsage and content polarity on Twitter

What is produsage?

The concept of “produsage”, a new term putting together “production” and “usage”, recently coined by Axel Bruns, entails “the assumption that there is a move away from the traditional value production chain of “producer – distributor – consumer” towards a triadic simultaneity of each category” (Horan… 504 more words

Social Media

'Problem of Polarity' plagues the church

This past weekend, my son and I attended a round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville. It was my first PGA event since I was Caleb’s age. 661 more words



If opposites attract,
then all I need to do
is the opposite of you.