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Team Absurdum's plan to neuter political polarization

If you are like us, you are equal parts bored, enraged and sickened by political ideologues and extremists. They are literally ruining government, which we suspect might be their goal. 742 more words

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Joe Brewer: Linguistic Framing of “War! What is it Good For?”

Peter Turchin recently posted an article on the Forum about the role of war in cultural evolution that stimulated a lively, yet largely discordant, conversation.  I read through the comment thread and noted how the framing of the title and text contributed to the breakdown in dialogue.   1,285 more words


New Update of State Legislative Data Released

We’ve just released the July 2014 update of our state legislative ideology data set. Both legislator-level and state-level data are included, so you can use these scores for a number of different applications. 61 more words


Rhode Island: The Least Polarized State Legislature

There’s a big caveat here: this data is only up to 2013. As such, it doesn’t take into account the sudden shift in the House leadership in 2014 which is assumed to have taken us to the right. 611 more words


State Legislative Ideology and Polarization in 2013-14

Today we posted the July 2014 update to our state legislative aggregate ideology data. One of the major features to this data release has been the incorporation of much more current roll call (1993-2013) and candidate survey (1996-2014) data. 184 more words


Sharing Perspectives With Respectful Dialg

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Some refuse to think… they just rearrange their prejudices.

 –Dr. Robert Anthony

This is a previously published article by Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy and all rights are reserved. 1,209 more words

Sharing Perspectives With Respectful Dialog