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What about this polarizing thing?

A longer, denser (perhaps too much so?) post.  

In the third volume of Mind, Langer discusses the question, How do we think about the seeming “truths” of the ancients and recent primitive peoples in light of the development of scientific thinking supported by mathematics? 520 more words

When Robots Take Over Most Jobs, What Will Be the Purpose of Humans?

September 6, 2014

In March of 2013, four economics researchers from the New York Federal Reserve published a report on job “polarization” — the phenomenon of routine task work disappearing and only the highest and lowest skilled work still available. 878 more words


We Should be Active-Minded, not “Open-Minded” about Political Controversies

The recent budget deal struck by Democratic Senator Patty Murray and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is being hailed as a groundbreaking compromise, and a defeat for the obstinate  1,062 more words

Food Fight!

Watching political debate on social media is a lot like watching a cafeteria food fight unfold in the third grade. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, especially the younger kids. 84 more words


Stokes V - The Lost Parameter

Some years ago I went to a seminar on the design of an experiment to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background. At the end of the talk I asked what seemed to me to be an innocent question. 520 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Seeing Media Bias Everywhere Is Bad for Democracy – and Peace

There is a well-known study conducted in 1985 that ran a perfectly simple clean little experiment. One group favorable toward Israel and another group supportive of the Arabs were exposed to identical news stories about the violence in Lebanon in 1982. 677 more words


Polarization - The four middle skill occupations: 60 percent of employment in 1979, 46 percent in 2012

Cumulatively, these two trends of rapid employment growth in both high and low-­‐‑education jobs have substantially reduced the share of employment accounted for by ‘middle skill’ jobs. 270 more words

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