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The Dark Side of Polarization

In a previous post I mentioned recent research with Bryce Summary and Eric Vorst on the bright side of polarization: some indicators of citizen engagement with national politics have increased as the political parties in Washington have become more ideologically polarized. 245 more words

Calcite and Birefringence

While shopping at a local market, I came across a booth selling assorted interesting rocks and minerals — with a few pieces of calcite, one of the most famous optical crystals around. 732 more words


11th – 13th April: Inner Reconciliation: Awakened Compassion by Sarah Varcas

11th – 13th April: Inner Reconciliation: Awakened Compassion
by Sarah Varcas

“As we approach the lunar eclipse in Libra on 15th April, this weekend raises the question of how to reconcile our hearts with our minds when it comes to our connection with others. 953 more words

Demographics, conservatism, and racial polarization: Could America become Mississippi?

I was attempting to use this article for a post…..but after a couple tries…I gave up….it is better to read the entire thing…..

A scary thought…I live in the state and believe me when I say that America does not need to if it wants to survive….there is NOTHING that can be said good about the social aspects of the state nor the political either……. 10 more words


Considering Civil Unions

I thought I wrote something about this subject a few years ago. Apparently that post is like many conversations CavWife and I have had: we thought about it but never actually did it. 364 more words

On Patriotism

Last week my family and I went to see the new Captain America movie. I had to admit going into the movie that Captain America had never been one of my favorite superheroes and the first movie didn’t really move me very much. 690 more words


Day 127: advice for preachers

I Kings 22, Psalm 105, Acts 22

No, my advice is not based upon the story of Eutychus falling asleep and out of the window. If you will preach in the middle of the night, or to those who work long hours, or the parents of newborn babies, or to newborn babies, you might expect to lose the odd pair of ears. 223 more words