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Color Trivia

Color is an interesting thing, it’s both quantitative and qualitative. Today, I’m going to talk about its quantitative nature. I’m sure most people know that visible light comes from a specific region of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they probably don’t understand why certain things are specific colors. 1,764 more words


Study the Effect of Ruthenium Dye Layer on Negative Capacitance in Solar Cells Based on the Nc-TiO2 Semiconducting Polymer Heterojunction

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H. Al-Dmour


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mu’tah University, Mu’tah, Jordan.


We report the effect of ruthenium dye on negative capacitance of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide/poly(3-hexyl thiophene), nc-TiO<span “=””>2/P3HT, heterojunction solar cells. 441 more words

Examining the Stereotypes of our Primitive Brain

We humans prefer mirror images and familiarity and for good reason; familiarity creates a sense of security for the primitive part of our brain.  And if you know anything about the primitive part of the brain—logic and rationale are not its function. 759 more words

Charlie Hedbo and the Martyrdom of Western Values

While the absurdity of the violence upon Charlie Hedbo is shocking and calls for a period of mourning, the resulting public statements from various news outlets on this incident leave me in a state of dissatisfaction. 407 more words


This is surreal.

I have been working on SPIDER for three and a half years, and much of the rest of the collaboration has been working for many years beyond that. 1,090 more words

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Meanwhile, in Antarctica, the search for signatures of primordial gravitational waves in the polarization of the cosmic microwave background goes on. Here's a fascinating blog by a member of the SPIDER team, whose balloon-borne experiment was recently launched and is currently circling the South Pole taking data. Here's hoping it works out as planned!