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Feature Friday (10/24/14)

Rivalries…we all love them, but at the same time we all hate them. They make sports games better, individuals more driven, and life more interesting. The beauty of rivalries, I believe, is the best they bring out of both teams. 83 more words

Feature Friday

GamerGate and the Right

For the last month and a half, most of what I have read, watched, or listened to on the Internet has been either directly or indirectly related to GamerGate. 2,112 more words

Im-Politic: Maybe Americans Aren't Hopelessly Polarized After All

Just when you think you have some clear sense of American public opinion, and especially get depressed about abundant signs that the country has turned into Polarization Nation at least for the time being, the nation throws you for a loop – in this case an especially encouraging one. 517 more words


Hello world!

Hello, world!

It is time yet again for some online ramblings.  I tend to do things sporadically, and lately I’ve been in the mood to spread my psycho-babble in cyberspace yet again.   810 more words

The Chronicles

The Boutiquification of the Western World

Boutiquification?, you ask. Is that even a word? Didn’t I mean beautification?  Or beatification?

No, I really did mean boutiquification: the gradual conversion of our traditional “big box” nations into smaller, specialized, self-conscious, fundamentally narcissistic, boutique-like sub-states based on personal identity, shared tastes — and more often than not, a communal disdain for everyone outside the in-group. 1,015 more words


Parties Matter in the Polarization Story

Philip Bump wrote yesterday in the Washington Post’s blog, The Fix, about the relationship between a Representative’s voting behavior and the ideology of the district she represents. 427 more words

Applying Political Science

The Epic Shift in the Planetary Grid

There are those among us who are called to stand and to be for the purpose of anchoring light in various geographic locations around the world. 426 more words