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Obama's Immigration Executive Order: In Your Face Republicans

The Republicans are threatening all sorts of things in response to President Obama’s executive order on immigration outlined in a speech last night, including impeachment.   And of course, it is true that he has “poisoned the well” for future negotiations on all sorts of things, but how much worse could the well get after Republicans have used it as a toxic waste dump for the past six years. 504 more words


Responding to Skelton Again

George Skelton writes:

California Legislature is looking more moderate due to voting reforms

… [V]oters adopted the “top two” open primary. Starting in 2012, candidates didn’t seek party nominations.

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Applying Political Science

Viral Misinformation: The Role of Homophily and Polarization

A Anagnastopoulos, A Bessi, G Caldarelli, M Del Vicario, F Petroni, A Scala, F Zollo, W Quattrociocchi


The spreading of unsubstantiated rumors on online social networks (OSN) either unintentionally or intentionally (e.g., for political reasons or even trolling) can have serious consequences such as in the recent case of rumors about Ebola causing disruption to health-care workers. 162 more words


Internet and polarized society

The impact of Internet on polarization in the society  has probably been vigorously studied in the field of sociology, but nonetheless, I am happy to share my personal view on this issue. 534 more words


Sunday Morning Meanderings - Power Struggle

In my own journey, I am coming to a new place. Let me see if I can write about it – cogently, clearly…

As I’ve written before, it seems as if the only real work of this life – of these lives that are ours – is surrender, surrender to what is, to what will not leave, to reality as reality presents itself to each one of us.    605 more words

Paper published in Applied Physics Letters

Our article Control of emitted light polarization in a 1310 nm dilute nitride spin-vertical cavity surface emitting laser subject to circularly polarized optical injection… 180 more words


American elections come and go, but some things stay the same. Like griping about politicians. Like the endless feud between Republicans and Democrats. Like the belief, shared by both sides, that America is going to the dogs. 879 more words