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Maybe the Thought Police Aren't Such a Bad Idea?

Human beings are thinking creatures.  To be sure, we are embodied, and our flesh-and-blood living matters, too.  But while our capacity to think is a quality that separates us from the beasts, this too often goes unused.   509 more words


George Orwell’s 1984.. How Close Was He to Life in 2014?

George Orwell finished his iconic novel 1984 in the fall of 1948. At the time it was thought to be an interesting piece of well written scifi. 902 more words

Civics 101

How are radicals created?

Extreme beliefs can easily lead to conflicts between groups. But how do such beliefs arise? Are certain people simply bound to be extremists? Or can significant pockets of extremism arise out of social interactions among moderate individuals? 916 more words

Behavioral Economics

Broken Clocks

My grandfather once said, “A broken clock is right at least twice a day.”  As a young child I struggled to understand the meaning of his proverb. 232 more words


Same piece of news, different responses

Recently there is an incident of Chinese couple behaving rudely on a plane and forced the plane to make an U-turn.

This is captured on a number of news media:  204 more words




MY PHOTOGRAPHY IS OCCASIONALLY AKIN TO MY GRANDMOTHER’S COOKING METHOD, which produced culinary miracles without a trace of written recipes or cookbooks. 427 more words

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