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Só um mais um vídeo antes de começar outro tópico

Uma das melhores performances que eu já vi! A criatividade e o carisma dela fluem naturalmente junto com as habilidades, simplesmente incrível !

Mental Toughness Training

Becoming tougher, stronger, and more resilient requires an openness to change.- James E. Loehr

Alethea Austin was the featured guest performer during my first ever pole showcase.

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Pole Dance

Aryanna and Doris Arnold bootyshake for Bringing Sexy Back Week 2014

Another video contribution by Aryanna together with Doris Arnold on Sexy Back Week 2014 occasion.
This is Team Sexy European bootyshake style with a bit of pole. Yea!

Pole Diary

Sports Bra Review- Pole Mania

In my search to find a cute but supportable sports bra, I visited Pole Mania’s stall at the World Pole Sport Championships in London. I had never heard of them and was excited to find out that they had a bra top, “Twisted Grip Top,” that not only was REVERSIBLE but could be worn 4 different ways!!! 324 more words

Pole Dance

Progress, progress, progress!

Hello everyone!

So, last week when I wrote to you, I touched on the idea of building confidence in relation to performances and demonstrations! This topic is quite dear to me in that I am not the most confident person when it comes to any kind of public performance. 1,050 more words

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing in Contemporary Times

Physical fitness is a boon that does not, actually, shower from the skies. Rather, one has to exhaust oneself with various physical activities in a regular manner to improve the fitness quotient of her or his physique. 426 more words

Pole Dance

Sports Bra Review- Dragonfly "Carmen"

I have always lusted after the Dragonfly “Carmen” sports bra. So when I knew they were going to be at the World Pole Sports Championships in London, it was time I finally bought myself a new sports bra for pole. 270 more words

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