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Not with a Ten Foot Pole

I tried. I really did. I hated it though. And I’m never going back.

Look, I understand all the reasons pole dancing is such the rage. 958 more words


Verticalove Q&A With Melanie Irene

Fran Mackenzie connected me with some of the Verticalove performers, each performer was sent the exact same set of questions to answer.

Q&A with Melanie Irene… 548 more words


Oh my, Maddi Sparkle..!

Maddi Sparkle is a lovely lady from Sydney (co-owner of The Pole Dance Academy) who I have had the pleasure of meeting at a Pole Dance Camp before. 180 more words

Pole Dancing

How hard can it be to pole dance?

So, it’s been three weeks since my blog debut and I have been wanting to write a little blog on my new years resolution, but waited for a few weeks, you will see why in a bit. 382 more words


Promotional Videos for Pole Dancing Gym by Lindsey Dorie

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Independent Professional Project

Pole Tutorial Videos

Happy New Years everyone! I’m in Antwerp now until tomorrow, and then I fly out for Jakarta for a week, followed by Bali and Perth! 89 more words

Pole Dancing

Flexibility - definitely a privilege, not a right!

So, I thought I’d finally make a post about flexibility, which goes hand in hand with pole fitness! If you are flexible, your life becomes 10 times easier, and even better if you are strong on top of that. 158 more words