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Society vs. The Sexually Provocative

A loved one recently suggested to me that I’m being hypocritical, because of this:

I complain about society judging pole dancers, and try to broaden people’s ideas about pole dancing as a legitimate sport and artistic form, while at the same time not helping my cause by posting risque, sexually provocative photos of myself on the Internet. 340 more words

Slacker to hopeful..

Slacker, slacker, slacker….  Yep!  That’s been me.  I went to class yesterday after a 2.5 week hiatus.  Soooooo glad a I did!  My lovely instructor was out and we had a substitute.   87 more words

Mission Possible!

I can’t wait for the holiday: sun, beach, blue ocean…mmmm. I think every time I see Char that’s mainly what we talk about. Also, we keep making different pacts and breaking them the next moment. 992 more words


Pole Diary

My new pole dancing class requires a “Pole Diary” hence we begin the series:

 Pole Diary

Day 1

Dear Pole Diary,

This is stupid. 279 more words


Why I Almost Quit Pole Dancing

When I started pole dancing, I wasn’t sure how serious I wanted to become about my new hobby.

Choosing to pole dance meant choosing to immerse myself in something that carries plenty of stigma (stemming from pole dancing’s strip club origins). 429 more words

The Truth Behind Dating a Pole Dancer

So, your girlfriend is a pole dancer? Congratulations! And now for the fine print…

(This is not an article about strippers. That’s not the fine print, but it needs to be said.)


Freestyle Pole Dancing Tips

Equal parts terrifying and liberating, the freestyle portion of any pole dance routine provides quite the hefty challenge to dancers.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: 271 more words