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Pole Dancer, for Mona

cinnabar and carbon inked flesh
riots under spots and strobes
becomes shards of sheet lightning
snow flurries around the pines
as barrages of an incessant bass…
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Flavour of The Week... Meat Hook



Our lovely fearless leader Alex seams to pick a few moves that become the flavour of the week at Pole Inc. Moves that we visit and re-visit in multiple classes. 34 more words


Pole Fitness

For two years I did pole fitness and I loved it.

I almost died the first day I turned up and was told I would have to do a “lap dance” for a warm up. 386 more words


Perfect for a Pole Dance class: 'Me an U' - Daniel David

A fantastic urban song, very rhythmic, this song is the kinda track you will hear and love in the club, perfect to practice your pole dancing moves to!

Pole Dancing

4 Things I Learned From Pole Dancing

“Okay everyone, we’re gonna get a little raunchy tonight—but that’s okay. We won’t judge one another,” said my dance instructor in one of my first Intro to Pole classes. 140 more words

Intriguing Misc.

Some Type of Way - "Don't Buy Your Bread Where You Get Your Meat"

I planned on doing this as a Throwback Thursday piece but it’s so long that I need to break it up into more digestible chunks. This one is from the first time I wrote about the trainer at my gym – who I had a tremendous 12 year old girl crush on. 832 more words

Yoga and Other Food Offered to Idols

Yoga has become wildly popular in Western culture as of late as a means of working towards the comprehensive health of body and mind. There are countless claims being made about the benefits of yoga; some have been disproved by science, many have no support at all, but many have also been verified by the scientific community. 1,401 more words