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I'm having a love affair with a pole. No, it's not what it sounds like.

What with my recent unemployment status, I’ve found myself struggling to find something to fill my evenings. Days are spent pounding the pavement looking for work, but nights can be boring, especially since all the tourists we had staying with us have gone home. 703 more words


Turn Your Life Upside Down- Relaxation!

Pole dancers love having a good class where you ache afterwards- it proves you have worked hard!  However we should definitely put just as much effort into our relaxing like we do our pole lessons too. 407 more words

Pole Dance

The benefits of pole dancing for fitness

As random as this sounds, the main benefit I experienced from taking up pole dancing was that it drastically improved my running abilities. For most of my twenties I experienced quite serious back problems; a couple of times a year my muscles would go into spasm and I’d be laid up on the sofa for a week. 413 more words


The Show: Part 2 - How to Sexercize

SO the door open and people start streaming in.  We have at least 400 people in the house, and they have to start bringing in more chairs. 423 more words

The Show: Part 1 - Getting Ready

It is going to take a while for me to tell all all the stories from last weeks drag show at USC so let’s start off with my new favorite picture (worth a couple thousand words at least). 405 more words

Defeated by Christmas prep

Following a wonderfully busy week at work, I started the weekend optimistically, determined to complete my Christmas shopping, leaving me with four weeks to enjoy the Christmas festivities and prep for South Africa. 458 more words


I miss ...

… Pole dancing!

I know it’s a late night blog entry and I can’t sleep and was thinking about the lessons I took in pole dancer last year and I do miss them! 385 more words