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"Duude, your girlfriend pole dances? That's so cool." Er, no. Not really. Not even close.

The Boy and I are celebrating our one month. Yes, you read that correctly. One month. I know, try not to choke to death while you laugh. 694 more words


Pole fitness and flexibility!


So for any of you who follow us on Twitter (@PoleDynamics) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/poledynamicskent), you will know that we are doing a… 541 more words

Pole Dancing

Pain. Pure, pleasurable, pain.

This is Natalie.  Natalie is a sorceress.  She can elevate her body and willingly shape it in ways which are magical.

About a year ago I joined Natalie because I generally hate gyms.  381 more words

Private Performance

It’s almost time to put on a show
Behind closed doors no one else will know
Privately she performs and can let go
Practicing religiously to get it right… 115 more words


Femme Fatale Silks/pole/circus/dance

I needed a break from crossfit, so I decided to try something else entirely. When I was in the Philippines, I met a girl who gave me a (very) brief lesson in pole while we drank rum and waited for the typhoon to hit.  482 more words


Self-Proclaimed World's Heaviest Pole Dancer!

She’s 252 lbs and a size 22 and we LOVE her!! LuLu is the world’s heaviest pole dancer, and she says she has never felt sexier! 68 more words

Drex & Maney Mornings


i don’t know if it was because of the dreary weather, but today i just felt hopeless. listless and lost in limbo, i was stuck in my own head and kept bringing myself down. 433 more words

Pole Dancing