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We’re now a month or so on from the All Ireland Pole Dancing Championships, and it’s safe to say the competition as a whole is just getting better year on year. 456 more words

Pole Dancing

Nekropolaris Danse

I am a pole dancer – I cannot say a compleat one. However I did have my first spin at the age of 13 on le train… or maybe on the canteen poles when I was 7 or 8! 695 more words

Pole Dancing

Dudes of the Dutch Republic

‘There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.’

Thus spake Michael Caine in the 2002 documentary… 939 more words


Melanie reblogged this on pole the world and commented:

This is very telling of my time here in NL...


Now I’m sure we’ve all saw the infamous pole fail compilation videos on YouTube or some other social networking site. After watching them, you can’t help but cringe and may even want to avoid getting on a pole ever again. 391 more words

Pole Dancing

A Mouthful of Breath Mints and No One To Kiss

I got 8 hours of sleep again! Barely, but I did manage it. I also took a nap at 11am. Instead of doing school work. … 386 more words

Daily Do

Tenerife Bar Scene

I don’t know why I took this picture of the bar.  Perhaps being a young, intoxicated man on holiday seeing a blonde girl swinging round a pole in a bar enticed me. 17 more words


i went from pole dancing to tango

I went from pole dancing

To Argentine tango

Perfectly smoothly,

Impersonating the midnight performer

Whose hanging torso and splits of dazzling angles

Rotating up and down the silvery rod, 157 more words