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Slow Motion Pole Tricks with Dance Tiny Fox and SweetBunny

Dance Tiny Fox and SweetBunny spin and twirl like circus girls! Clips from video shoot featuring DropShades LED party glasses.
Videographer: Richie Edquid

Last weekend, my friend Richie celebrated his birthday aboard a yacht. 124 more words

Stripping Those Pounds Away!

There is a new and popular form of fitness arising that you will not see in your average gym, and it only requires a pole. 640 more words


Slacker to hopeful..

Slacker, slacker, slacker….  Yep!  That’s been me.  I went to class yesterday after a 2.5 week hiatus.  Soooooo glad a I did!  My lovely instructor was out and we had a substitute.   87 more words

Kairos Aerialympics preview

Dave Nemeth went to Kairos Aerial and Pole Fitness for a preview of the Kairos Aerialympics event.

For more info, visit http://www.dancekairos.com/#!upcoming-events/ce69

Good Day Utah

Why I Almost Quit Pole Dancing

When I started pole dancing, I wasn’t sure how serious I wanted to become about my new hobby.

Choosing to pole dance meant choosing to immerse myself in something that carries plenty of stigma (stemming from pole dancing’s strip club origins). 429 more words

This workout is brought to you by....

So I’ve decided to get creative and fancy pants.  I’m going to start posting pics of outfits, equipment, my supplements, etc.  Why?  For fun.  And education.   340 more words