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How to identify your passion, and not fall out of it

Being Single has helped me a lot, with focusing on my own. I pole more often, focused more on work and my career. And somehow, I have more time to figure out what do I look for in a partner; I realized, I want to Be In Love. 301 more words


Pole Girl Gossip: Follow your heart, or brain?

Have you ever come across a situation where you have 2 options, and you don’t know which to go for? When you have 2 amazing dishes you don’t know which to order (well, yes, you can always order both) ? 378 more words


Nationals 2014

Same pictures, different feeling



Redan i helgen drar danskurserna igång på Sway. Ta en titt på hemsidan och se om det är något som ni skulle vilja gå på. 20 more words


Cleaning My Phone - Part 1

I spent a good hour Monday morning clearing space on my phone by sorting my pictures and videos. These are some of my favourite pole pictures from 2014 it was fun looking back at the last year in pictures.   29 more words


Pol'ography choreo

Performers: Slava and Maija.
I love this misty look, but this choreography is slightly better on film than on the picture, I didn’t really capture the right feeling… 9 more words


Lost n' found

“Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself, all at he same time..”