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Kick the Can

raise the ceiling
more room for incompetence
it’s only play money
borrowed with unborn hands
gilding funhouse promises 7 more words


Are atheists paying attention to the weightiest demands of the moral law?

J. Warner Wallace looks at what Jesus says the most important commandment is, and then asks whether atheists can be justified morally if Jesus is right. 596 more words



writhe at the unseen lingering touch
by Chernobyl fingers of Soviet hands
draw deep cleansing breaths
exhale liberty
over these broad ancient steppes
where the ancestral horse… 70 more words


Statistics on whether atheists are more moral than religious people

Well, let’s take a look at the numbers with this article by Arthur Brooks, published by the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.


How do religious and secular people vary in their charitable behavior?

1,468 more words

Does archaeological evidence confirm names, dates and places in the Bible?

I spotted this post on Be Thinking by UK apologist Peter S. Williams. (H/T Eric Chabot at Think Apologetics)

So let me pick the ones I liked most for this post. 802 more words


What should we make of Richard Dawkins' claim that God is very "improbable"?

Look, here is a summary of Dawkins’ argument against God from Common Sense Atheism.

They write:

Can we put  into logically valid form? Sure. That’s what Erik Wielenberg did in his recent paper “Dawkins’ Gambit, Hume’s Aroma, and God’s Simplicity.” Here is Wielenberg’s formulation:

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