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conquer and divide
sift and revive
complicate, endure
be enamoured
reveal or conceal
shield or heal
heads or tails
to dock or to sail
resuscitate or hesitate… 42 more words


I Prefer the Hopeful Flavor (No Bloody Shirt for Me)

It’s ubiquitous!
Propaganda’s everywhere.
Bloody! Eternal!
Polemics of hate and fear;
Gentle influence of love;
For me, I say, “Give me love!”



intricate irony
springs from
ukase by a
deaf blind
president rapt
deep in thrall
of his legend
a legend that
history books
unavoidably… 9 more words


Neil Shenvi lectures on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus

The lecture was given to the Intervarsity group at Duke University.

Speaker bio:

As it says on the main page, my name is Neil Shenvi; I am currently a research scientist with Prof.

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The biggest driver of income inequality is single motherhood

Indian economist Aparna Mathur, whose work I’ve featured here before, writes about it in Forbes magazine.


The fabric of our society is changing. In 1980, approximately 78 percent of families with children were headed by married parents.

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Should Christianity be open and inclusive to those who practice idolatry?

Why, oh why, did I not write this parody of gay activist Matthew Vines. It’s entitled “The Case for Idolatry“. It’s a parody of Matthew Vines’ case for compatibility between Christianity and the gay lifestyle. 1,241 more words


What is the unborn? A look at the scientific evidence

This is from National Right to Life.


Before deciding how we ought to treat the unborn—a moral question—we must first be clear about what the unborn is.

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