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Should Christianity be open and inclusive to those who practice idolatry?

Why, oh why, did I not write this parody of gay activist Matthew Vines. It’s entitled “The Case for Idolatry“.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to worship idols.

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What is the unborn? A look at the scientific evidence

This is from National Right to Life.


Before deciding how we ought to treat the unborn—a moral question—we must first be clear about what the unborn is.

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What We Do In Shadows | The Internet and Optimism

The churn of world news as fuelled by social media is the ultimate form of contemporary escapism. All the more so because it’s insidious: you think you’re engaging with the world at large by posting a link to the latest piece of news hysteria (with an accompanying slice of commentary of your own) but what’s really happening is that you’re simply enabling a vicious cycle to keep spinning. 557 more words


Ποσειδων Attacks Ζευς With Four Options on the Question of Discipline

The thought of discipline is erroneous. Meaning three things. First, when outsiders think of discipline they think of straight lines and followed commands. They think of strong older men who overestimate the boundaries of their rationale. 366 more words

Alt Lit

Society > Social Justice > Socialism

It is probably not trendy to suggest that socialism can never meet the goals of the social justice agenda. In fact the second part of the equation I used to title this piece (social justice “is greater than” socialism) might be considered a heresy in the social justice world.   836 more words

Challenging Concepts

On Relationships, Loneliness and Idolatry.

Life is full of relationships. Work relationships, romantic relationships, platonic relationships, etc.. We are in some sort of relationship with every person in our lives. With relationships being necessary for human survival within a social unit, it would seem obvious that this should be an area that we should focus intently on. 1,523 more words


The World's Third War — Scientifically Religious

Odd days, huh? Nope, Internet. Actually, everything. What has been happening to the whole world? When did we become so intolerant? Before, someone could punch your face, and you’d gently reply it with a hug (fine, not that much)! 464 more words

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