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Overcoming the Bourgeois and Liver Hemorrhages: Divorcing the Left from the Worker's Movement.

Today, the world’s revolutionary movement has taken a stand still. The communards continue to haunt the us, the tombstones of the German Revolution and Revolutionary Catalonia/Aragon stand high and somber, and the cancer of leninist marxism, its derivations, social democracy, and liberalism (if any of these can be differentiated) continue to spread all over the world. 325 more words

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Alzheimerian Politics: Watching what you loved so much unable control itself anymore and now shits in its pants. The Berkeley Story.

Ah, the ASUC elections!

The ASUC elections are worthless and all the bickering between candidates only shows the amount of deception within an electoral system. 334 more words

Incoherent Ranting

Does the Qur'an predict modern scientific discoveries?

Another great, original post from Jonathan McLatchie, posted on the Christian Apologetics Alliance blog. He surveys a number of passages from the Qur’an that are said to predict scientific discoveries. 642 more words


The Great Psychological Detective

In the mornings, before his clients arrived to call on him and as the carts outdoors rattled their way through the smog, the Great Detective sat smoking alone in his study. 3,698 more words


Suey Park: Liberal Masturbation and Other Farces

This essay is dedicated Thenmozhi Rajartnam, the Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger, most known for blowing herself up and assassinating Rajiv Gandhi. You go girl!

There is a large creek going down my campus. 890 more words


Why Loving Homosexuals Means Letting Them Marry: A Christian Perspective

Originally published by THE GOOD MEN PROJECT on April 15, 2013 -

Why Loving Homosexuals Means Letting Them Marry: A Christian Perspective
by C.S. Humble… 975 more words


A Union Reclaimed

A Union Reclaimed

Are we not still brothers and sisters of an American nation? Have our wounds with one another become so grievous that they are beyond mending? 711 more words