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Bible study: the importance of truth in religion

A special Christian lady I know has a birthday today, so I am posting a Bible study post especially for her. Happy birthday, Princess M! 1,237 more words


Tim Keller on Christian Polemics


All Christian movements must be characterized by a willingness to unite around commonly held central truths and to accept differences on secondary matters that — in the view of the partners — do not negate our common belief in the biblical gospel.

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Book Quotes


barbarity sells bloodlust tickets
recruits mindless monsters
attended by ancient depravity
burning hot sand fills their hearts
satan squats in the flames of a
ruined and distempered creed… 112 more words



suckling at tumescent teats
of campaign contributors
government bails out failed
business a politics lewd with
self-serving expedience rising
to flood-level wholesale
corruption anathema to… 72 more words


Polling Place

institutional gray green
the color of accidents
hardly inspires civic duty
curtains pulled with a yawn
giving ballots their partisan
privacy felt-tipped and
lazy with bold mediocrity… 38 more words


Authors of 1 in 5 rape study explain how their work is being misrepresented

Earlier this week I found an amazing piece on the campus rape hysteria authored by Emily Yoffe on posted at the leftist Slate, of all places. 685 more words


Is silicon-based life a possible alternative for carbon-based life?

In a recent debate, atheist philosopher Alex Rosenberg responded to the cosmic fine-tuning argument presented by William Lane Craig by asserting that complex life could be other than it is. 834 more words