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The Obamas Continue Proclaiming America A Racist Nation...

This has to be one of the most obvious examples of race-baiting propaganda from the Obama team. According to their logic an unknown woman asked Michelle to help her get an item off a shelf, ergo the shopping woman is racist. 421 more words

Media Bias

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In my opinion the only really racist place in this country is the White House and that's only because of whose is residing there, hopefully for only two more years!

Final Thoughts on Ferguson

Warning: Strong Language

VIDEO: Black woman’s heroic rant on Ferguson goes VIRAL; Will irritate liberals.

OK, so unless something really amazingly huge happens further, this is going to be last post in this blog about Mike Brown and Ferguson. 980 more words


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The bottom like is if you can't to the time don't do the crime! This lady gets it right!

Black Lives Matter protest planned for Mall of America Saturday; threatened with arrest

A group of activists are on a collision course with the Mall of America over a planned protest at the Twin Cities mega mall on the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. 565 more words


UNREAL - NYC Protesters Chant For "Dead Cops"

“What do we want? Dead Cops”
“When do we want them? Now”

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I my opinion this is an organized event being run out of Chicago just like the "Occupy" movement was!

Chicago Black Thugs Attack Elderly White Passenger On Subway... Then Share "we recorded it because it's funny" (video and pics of suspects)

(Via Daily Mail) A manhunt has been launched to find two young men who were filmed slapping and taunting an elderly man on a subway train in Chicago. 137 more words

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You have to be sick to attack old people and really really stupid to record it!