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Officer Darren Wilson Version of Mike Brown Shooting...

The strategic and authorized retreat goes from a slow backing away to a fast trot.

All of the “leaks” are federally approved releases. Just like the New York Times federal story leak (release) a few days ago, this local leak is carefully timed to release the internal community pressure. 1,064 more words

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Since all the evidence seems to clear Wilson that leave the Ferguson community little to be angry about especially since Holder seems to agree with this.

To Serve and Protect, Part I

All to often we read of bad and even tragic encounters between police officers and the people who those officers have sworn to protect and serve.   1,972 more words


Islamic State Militants Advance Despite Airstrikes: 'Most of the eastern and southern parts of the city have fallen under the ISIS control...the situation is getting worse'

ISIS Gains Territory Despite Weeks of Bombing by U.S., Allies, Raising Questions About Strategy

For WSJ, Margaret Coker in Erbil, Iraq, Jay Solomon in Cairo and Tamer El-Ghobashy in Baghdad report: Islamic State militants have gained territory in Iraq and Syria despite weeks of bombing by the U.S. 575 more words

Barack Obama

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Schlock and Blah revisited... you can't kill an idea from the air.