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[VIDEO] These Black Women & Girls Were Killed By Police Also

In the wake of the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford murders by police officers, let’s not forget about the Black women who have lost their lives in similar fashion. 44 more words


America's Cops View Citizens as "The Enemy"

By Lev Raphael, originally published on The Huffington Post

That’s right. And not just black citizens. All citizens. Skin color doesn’t matter.

A sea change has been taking place over the last decade that’s been invisible to most Americans. 440 more words

Protesting Police Brutality? You Should Be Protesting for Eric Garner, NOT Michael Brown!

Here is an article from Meditations-On-Life.com arguing that the protests about police brutality should be for Eric Garner, not Michael Brown.  Eric Garner was the unarmed black man who was apprehended by police for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes, but even though there were multiple officers and multiple less-lethal means available to apprehend Garner, the police chose to use a potentially deadly and unauthorized chokehold, which the police continued to apply even after Eric Garner made it known that he could not breath. 19 more words

We Clueless Whites

Many white Americans live in a delusional world, particularly regarding race relations. Yeah, we’ve made some improvements, but evaluations of race relations, and particularly of police relations with the black community, sound discouragingly like evaluations written over fifty years ago, and they are not good. 851 more words

Equality Vs. Inequality

Justice For Mike Brown: John Legend Makes A Statement In "Don't Shoot" Shirt (PHOTOS)

John Legend made a bold statement earlier this week, when he took the stage at the What’s Going On Benefit Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. 158 more words


You Choose

I have been stopped by the police many times. Many, many times. In fact, I have probably been stopped in my car by the police (town, city, state and sheriff) more in the last eight years alone than most people get stopped in their entire lifetime. 1,089 more words

Police Brutality