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Harassment of Jasna Badzak by Ukip's Batten & Police

Harassment of Jasna Badzak by Ukip’s Batten & Police

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To Spread The Facts World Wide… 440 more words


An open letter to the Strap-hangers Campaign

Dear Gene Russianoff or current president of the straphangers campaign,
Why is it that the Swype Back campaign is fizzling out? Why is the straphanggers campaign not fighting the MTA regarding the police harrasment of those both request to be swiped and are given swipes, regardless of criminal history of the individual?

Open Your Eyes

Broken trust: can youth and police ever see eye-to-eye?

How do emotions about police shape your experience of being young and black in public?  Black youth explain how their early impressions of police were reinforced by their experiences as they grew up.  83 more words


The decline of 'stop and frisk' in NYC

I’ve written posts about the injustice (and also the uselessness) of singling out young black men for police harassment, often leading to arrests for trivial or arbitrary reasons.   167 more words

Civil Liberties