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#CharlieHebdo: More than just barbaric killings

Yes, I also have followed from the first day. It was live to follow on one of my four screens while keep working on the remaining three screens. 1,260 more words


Opinion poll on Richmond policing

Among other designs aimed at police reform and improving community-police relations, many cities have already expanded the use of body cameras on officers. President Obama described the “simmering distrust” of law enforcement among American communities of color. 41 more words


Nashua, Merrimack Police and Judge Paul Moore

This story is about my son, accused of statutory rape with a almost 16 year old girl who exposed her self to him. Yes it sounds shocking until you hear the details of lies concocted by Nashua and Merrimack Police Departments as well as the corrupt court of Judge Paul Moore. 102 more words

Failure To Listen

"ALL" Lives Matter! End of Story!

Reading many of the comments in regards to the 2 New York City police officers who were gunned down in cold blood made me realize that people will say and do anything in a fit of anger. 342 more words

Police Conduct

On The Street Where I Live

Last Friday started like any other. I walked out the front door of my home in Beverly Hills, Michigan (an upscale suburb of Detroit) and began my regular mile-long walk towards the bus stop where I catch my ride to work. 884 more words

Police Harassment Answered

A friend sent me this humorous, but very serious piece today, and it kind of answers my questions about why and how police harass citizens . 1,158 more words


Police relations not just a black, urban issue

Distrust of law enforcement is not unique to Ferguson and New York City, but present in communities of color across the nation. Yet discussions of police misconduct in mainstream and social media sometimes characterize the problem as one that exists only between blacks and whites in urban areas – African Americans on one side, white officers on the other.  80 more words

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