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A Note From Eric Garner(Photo)

For Eric Garner, who never had a chance with New York’s Finest. . . .

If you see something, do something!


The 1st Trial that never took place.. April 2012 - Part I

We still believed in the first attorney. The Africa-American beauty. The attorney that wore the sexy clothing to court hearings. What I should say is that my son believed in her. 1,126 more words

How do I report police misconduct? | Flex Your Rights

Here is something I consider a citizens guide to protect yourself from the wrath of Police Brutality in this nation. I found this searching brutality cases and wanted to share it to those who don’t think they have any rights against Police Brutality! 525 more words



My mother is very passionate about her grandson getting justice. She and her grandson had everything written out before they presented it to me. This is the first of many videos that she plans on doing. 13 more words


I ran into a story today on yahoo about extremist murdering cops. I’ll post the link at the bottom and you can read that story if you want. 393 more words