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Quota system blurs case against Fort Worth cops in traffic ticket scandal


“I’ll wager a quarter that the people imposing the quotas won’t be held accountable, either. It’s an interesting approach to holding public officials accountable: The system is so thoroughly corrupt that it would be unfair to hold any individual police officer accountable for his individual corruption. 14 more words

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How Police Unions Stopped Congress From 'Militarization' Reform

Not mentioned, apart from an aside about an infamous case of police misconduct in Georgia, was the subject of Paul’s first Ferguson op-ed, also published in… 374 more words

Police State USSA


Like Marshall McLuhan said, “it is not the message, but the medium” by which the message is distributed that is more regarded and upheld in today’s society. 66 more words

Ferguson and the False Promise of "Revolution"

By Tony Cartalucci

November 26, 2014

When faced on the battlefield with a numerically superior enemy, one must attempt to divide his enemy into smaller, more easily dispatched opponents, or even more ideally, divide them against one another, and have them defeat each other without ever drawing your sword. 476 more words

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100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation! WAKE UP AMERICA!

The Ferguson race war and martial law operation is in full swing, and this video shows how and why it is being done. The masses will take the bait hook line and sinker and fall right into the race bait trap. 103 more words


And divided we fall

I`ve always been wary of police officers.

When I was a kid everyone, from my parents to school teachers, told us that if we ever found ourselves in a scary situation, we should always try to find a police officer. 1,533 more words

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FERGUSON PSY-OP:A night of government orcastrated violence

I would like to think that tbe protest (riots) of Mike Brown made a change and how it brought the country together to rally against the police brutality and how it spread across from state to state.But the night of the protest i saw a town completely out of control,watching CNN and reading post from “reddit” and “twitter” seeing reports of B&E and fires from people there you can only ask why.Why would a town that rallys up for one of its own go and destroy and burn down store after store,along with many reports of gun shots,protestors shooting at the fire dept not letting them put out the fires.And haveing Mike Brown Sr yell “Burn it down”,and thats what happend,they even burned down his church (karma?) 398 more words