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Why PTSD is all in your head...

The cranial vault, or skull is the thing that keeps your brain safe, so when “something” happens to your brain that results in the sudden expression of PTSD symptoms, well then in this way, PTSD… 1,030 more words


Police say NYC man made Long Island bomb threats

WILLISTON PARK, N.Y. (AP) - A Staten island man has been arrested on charges he made bomb threats against Nassau County police facilities.

Detectives say 52-year-old John Hardy called Nassau’s Third Precinct on Wednesday threatening to kill everyone by placing a bomb in the precinct. 81 more words


Critique Portfolio #7: Chang, LOOP 4 - Gonna Work It Out

“I don’t know what I’ve been told, African people on a mighty road. Let’s destroy the old plantation, now we’re gonna build a new black nation” pg.

325 more words

Futuristic Police Car -- Loaded With Tech (CES 2013)

Subscribe for complete CES 2013 – http://bit.ly/UnboxCES This is a quick look at a futuristic police car from the show floor at CES 2013. This car packs a ma… 23 more words

Kobane Kurdish solidarity protest at Savoy Hotel Turkish business dinner

Kurdish activists and solidarity friends staged a protest at short notice this evening at the Savoy hotel where a Turkish business dinner was taking place. 218 more words

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They’re coming for him soon. Walter was just one of too many relying on too little. This wasn’t strange for a world population that had grown to an unsustainable amount. 115 more words