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Old News

As I wrote for an article in the forthcoming November 2014 issue of Legal Routes, “When Sue Shutrump and Charley Kennington asked about including my 2003 Information Report for NASDPTS, “Sharing Student Health and Medical Information with School Transporters” in the Appendix of the NHTSA 8 hour course, I frankly balked at their publicizing this 10-year old document in light of subsequent changes in law, regulation and guidance. 236 more words

Best Practices

As a HEOR vendor are you using online surveys for pricing and market access or defining and understanding value propositions etc?

Are you using online or paper questionnaires for:

  • pricing and market access?
  • defining and understanding value propositions?
  • optimising product value?
  • policy development?
  • satisfaction surveys?

If the answer is “yes” do you or your team have the expertise to appreciate the pitfalls and the impact of wording, structure, and response options on interpretability and understanding of survey questionnaires can have on your survey findings and insightful decision making? 794 more words

Questionnaire Design

Oct20/14: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record: Class Composition / 8 Days Pay / Budget Committee

  • Page 1: Meeting times, election info, general background info
  • Page 2: Final vote alert on Public Participation / Question Period and more at Board meetings, Robert’s Rules essentials (often ignored)
  • 5,986 more words