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Cardiology Drugs Of The Year: New, Old, And Not-So-Funny

New Drug Of The Year: LCZ696 from Novartis

Old Drug of the Year: Ezetimibe

Not-So-Funny Drug of the Year: Ivabradine

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Embattled Stem Cell Researchers Sue Harvard And Brigham And Women's Hospital

Two embattled and highly controversial stem cell researchers are suing the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School for an ongoing investigation into their research. 107 more words

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Continuing Medical Education Payments To Physicians Will Be Exposed To Sunshine

After a long and complicated struggle it now appears highly likely that industry will be required to disclose payments to physicians for continuing medical education (CME). 43 more words

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Get Rid of Sugar, Not Salt, Say Authors

Too much negative attention has been focused on salt and not enough on sugar, write two authors in Open Heart. Reviewing the extensive literature on salt and sugar, they write that the adverse effects of salt are less than the adverse effects of sugar. 39 more words

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European Review Confirms Increased Risk with Ivabradine

Following a review provoked by troubling findings that emerged from a large clinical trial, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is making several recommendations intended to lower the risk of heart problems linked to the heart-rate-lowering drug ivabradine. 61 more words

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US Proposal Would Greatly Expand Transparency Of Clinical Trials

The US Department of Health and Human Services today proposed new rules that would greatly expand the number of clinical trials that companies and researchers are required to report. 11 more words

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IMPROVE-IT Meets Endpoint And Demonstrates Real But Modest Clinical Benefit For Ezetimibe

After all the waiting and all the controversy it turned out to be pretty simple. The IMPROVE-IT trial did what it set out to do and reached its primary endpoint. 115 more words

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