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Medicare Data Release Counterproductive, Misleading

“The amount that Medicare pays has nothing to do with the value of the treatment. Doctors have been under a system of rigid price controls since the 1980s. 59 more words

Transparency Matters - by Robert Nelson, MD


In our healthcare system today, the vast majority of what a doctor receives in payments comes from a third-party; your insurance company.  Payments made directly to the doctor out of someone’s pocket account for only about 10% of revenue. 936 more words

The Left's Evolving Hierarchy of Rights - Paul Kengor - Page full

All involve religious believers invoking their sacred First Amendment rights, only to have those rights rejected by those describing themselves as “liberal” and professing “diversity” and “tolerance.” In truth, you are not free to disagree with liberals on this issue.

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Their Right to Your Money - Paul Jacob - Page full

Back in 1992, the pesky people of Colorado petitioned the Taxpayer Bill of Rights onto the ballot and passed it, against the objections of these same potentates.

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A Tiger of a Book - Thomas Sowell - Page full

Those in the media, in politics and in academia who seem determined to blame American society for individuals and groups who do not rise would be hard-pressed to explain why immigrants of various colors come in at the bottom and proceed to rise, both in the schools and in the economy — on both sides of the Atlantic.

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