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2014 National Conference: Recommendations, Legality, and Practicality

After five months of conferencing about the political system and future of Nigeria, delegates have published their resolutions to address the hostile conflicts between Nigeria’s numerous ethnic, religious and linguistic groups. 316 more words

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ObamaCare Is Costing A Lot More Than You Think

Everybody knows that the new health reform program is expensive. But just how expensive is it?

Start with the direct costs. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that spending for all the different parts of ObamaCare (health insurance subsidies, Medicaid expansion, administrative costs, etc.) will come to about $2 trillion over the next ten years.

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Lower Tax Rates > Targeted Tax Credits | International Liberty

The tax-credit reformers also argue that their proposals are much less susceptible to class-warfare demagoguery that is the supply-side approach, since tax relief flows to lower- and middle-income voters.

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Health Spending Slowdown Is Mostly Due To Economic Factors, Not Structural Change In The Health Care Sector

We used new and unique data on privately insured people to estimate the effect of the economic slowdown that began in December 2007 on the rate of growth in health spending.

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Patient Power Puts Pressure on Prices | Health Policy Blog | NCPA.org

It is a step in the right direction. The article notes that government dictating price transparency has no effect — something we have discussed previously at our blog.

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The Patriotism of Prosperity - Dr. Ben Carson - Page full

Instead of patriotism being defined as unthinking devotion to governmental tax edicts, perhaps it is better described as using one’s talents and resources to bring strength and prosperity to our land through the successful utilization of advantages found worldwide.

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