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General Mills' Position on GMO

I’m an active consumer. I selectively engage with brands via email, social media, phone or by chatting directly with team leads or store managers when I have something to share – complaints and compliments alike, which has often resulted in action or positive changes. 357 more words


Everything You Need to Know about Healthcare Economics in One Chart | International Liberty

A primary reason why health care costs are soaring is that most of the time when people enter the medical marketplace, they are spending someone else’s money.

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Hold On, Mr. President - John Stossel - Page full

I too get frustrated watching evildoers abuse Americans overseas. Maybe the plan to “train and equip” certain tribes and eventually “destroy ISIS” that President Obama will speak about tonight will be a good thing. 189 more words

Why Interest Groups Hold Power

American sports fanatics crowd around their televisions every Monday night to cheer on their favorite buff men tackling each other on Monday Night Football, the most popular cable broadcast on Mondays. 492 more words

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Annual Conference | Free Market Medical Association

Come join us in Oklahoma City September 26 & 27, for the first Annual Conference of the Free Market Medical Association

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“Interoperability” of Electronic Health Data Is a Unicorn | Health Policy Blog | NCPA.org

That is not to say that there would be no value to such data exchange. If Safeway were out of my favorite brand of breakfast cereal, I’d love for the clerk to tell me that Giant had plenty in stock just down the road, instead of selling me something similar.

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