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Bipartisan support for broadband in MN – the difference is the fuding mechanism

The Austin Daily Herald recently posted higlights from a debate between the candidates for Minnesota House District 27A: the incumbent Shannon Savick, a Democrat from Wells and challenger Peggy Bennett, a Republican from Albert Lea. 281 more words


California Healthline: What a GOP-Controlled Congress Could Mean for the Affordable Care Act

by Anthony Wilson, California Healthline Contributing Editor

In a matter of weeks, the midterm election will determine the balance of legislative power between Democrats and Republicans. 87 more words


A highly anticipated auction of TV airwaves to wireless carriers will be delayed until 2016 because of a lawsuit from broadcasters concerned that they’ll lose viewers after TV stations are squished closer together. 38 more words


I went to Ferguson to protect the protesters. I got arrested instead. by Justin Hansford on October 24, 2014

The thing about jail is there is nothing to do. The novelty wears off after about five minutes. My cell was maybe 10-feet long and 8-feet wide, with a toilet, a faucet, and a sink. 450 more words


America’s modern political nightmare: Two electorates, separate and unequal - JOAN WALSH FRIDAY, OCT 24, 2014 4:09 PM UTC

When I first heard President Obama’s remarks on the 2014 midterms to Rev. Al Sharpton on Politics Nation Monday — insisting he’s fine with the red state Democrats who are distancing themselves from him because they “are all folks who vote with me” — I had two contradictory thoughts. 638 more words


Ending Takfir Terror

Ending Takfir Terror

The first step is for everyone to begin using the word Takfir to describe radicals motivated by Islam. Takfir is a term for someone who is excommunicated for violating Muslim law, and could be considered un-islamic. 518 more words

WG review of policy on town centre retail

In May 2014 the Welsh Government published research into ‘Town Centres and Retail Dynamics – Towards a Revised Retail Planning Policy for Wales‘. One of the findings was the need for improved clarity in retail planning guidance. 118 more words