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ZonG and UNICEF Join Hands to Defeat Polio in Pakistan

As the number of polio cases in Pakistan reached 49 so far this year more partners come forward to protect the children and rid Pakistan and the world of the menace of the this debilitating disease. 235 more words

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Small Town Living - Generation Wise

When I was struggling, I was in MOPS and a small group. They were both different. MOPS is moms mostly of the sameish age who support each other and it’s great. 289 more words

Polio spread in Cameroon a concern: WHO expert

The Canadian official who heads the WHO’s polio eradication effort says of the many challenges facing the quarter-century-old program, evidence of polio in Cameroon – which borders on the troubled Central African Republic – is currently one of the most concerning. 472 more words


Where Science Dares To Dream

If you’ve never been to the Salk Institute, GO. The architectural beauty alone is enough to take your breath away. Looking at that picture above, the vast westward facing expanse will encourage¬†your imagination to soar. 436 more words


That Moment When You Must Have a Word With Jenny McCarthy

Dear Jenny:

Look, it’s clear we haven’t always gotten along, and it was never likely we would. You believe vaccines cause autism, that they are related to OCD, ADHD and other physical and behavioral ills, that they are overprescribed, teeming with toxins, poorly regulated and that the only reason we keep forcing them into the sweet, pristine immune systems of children is because doctors, big pharma and who-knows what-all sinister forces want it that way. 603 more words

Book Review Saturday - 'Marianne Dreams'

You might remember this high-octane drama from a couple of weeks ago, where I enlisted the help of all y’all all over the Internet to help me track down a book I’d read and loved as a tiny person, but whose title I couldn’t remember. 1,182 more words

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June 11, 2008

…we don’t need no steeenking badjess!

…ok, so in addition to a brand new prescription of those tasty Malaria pills I love so much, I also just got shots for Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B. 462 more words

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