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Starving the beast - one insignificant man's political crusade.

I’m thoroughly disgusted with politicians. I have been for a long time. I am sick of constant warfare. I am sick of our country serving everyone’s interests but our own. 568 more words

Happy Halloween 2014


Don’t be tricked by the GOP candidates!

Republicans Are Trying to Make Sure Minorities and Young People Don’t Vote This November

Control of the Senate could hinge on a few crucial court battles over voting rights. 457 more words


The Creator vs. The Fool

~R.OliverLuce | 10-27-14

Watch out!

The man who discovers what is needed and helpful for others is the one who designs the product and hires the laborers to help build the product and deliver it to those who are in need. 116 more words

Political Action

Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement

Protection of Earth system services is essential for sustainable development. This is why a paradigm shift is needed in society and the economy. It is thus up to… 251 more words

Sustainable Development

Beyond Bake Sales - Engaging students in the political process

At our recent WISE, we held a session on moving students “beyond bake sales” when dealing with social justice issues. As a guideline, some schools are employing the “ABCs” of social action. 1,342 more words



Vote Every Election

Let’s be very clear, while we’re tuning out and staying home on Election Day, other folks are tuning in.  Other folks are taking politics very seriously.   347 more words


PFD document reveals: Why Turkey Refuses to Attack ISIS

10-23-14  NEWS FLASH:

Why Turkey refuses to attack ISIS, & it’s Stealth Support to Invade Europe w/Stealth Islam with video reference.

Reference: PDF document from the Turkey legislative body in session:

Political Action