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It's a Matter of Trust - My Testimony to the Governor's PARCC Study Commission

Today, I joined a group of about 40 amazing parents, teachers, school board members (although all of them gave the caveat that they were testifying in their personal capacities) and even an amazing Superintendent to testify publicly before… 1,913 more words


College Coaches Make Lots of Money As Well As College Presidents at Tax Payer Expense

How can this be? College Presidents and College coaches making more than $1,000,000 dollars per year. Hundreds of private college presidents are making at least $500,000 a year. 354 more words


Barack Obama Campaign Team Used Ground Breaking Strategy

The little known staff that worked for Barack Obama raised more money for a Presidential candidate than at anytime in history. They were prolific fund raisers, recruited millions of people to vote for Obama  and donated their money to him.  358 more words

Political Action

State of the State: A Flawed Opportunity Agenda

Human rights are those moral principles that are inalienable and globally recognized. They affect our daily lives, and, as we assert our rights, we are also obligated to acknowledge these same entitlements for all individuals. 587 more words

African Children Are Being Exploited in The Congo

The next time you walk into the room and notice your child playing video games take note. The next time Christmas rolls around and your child ask for a Madden 2009; it should give you room for pause. 639 more words

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