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Vote Every Election

Let’s be very clear, while we’re tuning out and staying home on Election Day, other folks are tuning in.  Other folks are taking politics very seriously.   347 more words


PFD document reveals: Why Turkey Refuses to Attack ISIS

10-23-14  NEWS FLASH:

Why Turkey refuses to attack ISIS, & it’s Stealth Support to Invade Europe w/Stealth Islam with video reference.

Reference: PDF document from the Turkey legislative body in session:

Political Action

The Restoration of America Begins Now

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

Restoration of America begins when we face the realization we have sinned in allowing ourselves to become indifferent allowing terrible anti-social behaviors and destructive worldviews into our land along with liberal-progressive elements tearing what’s good, in America, to pieces in the name of (nothing more than just simply) American-evil. 279 more words

Political Action

Time Bombs: Why Today's Political Action is all about Tomorrow

Much has been made of the supposed new age of catholicism heralded by Francis, but serious church watchers are correct to be more hesitant. The recent  913 more words

Bush Tax Cuts