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Copper Giant Freeport-McMoRan Destroys Famous “Salt of the Earth” Labor Union in Southern New Mexico


Members of Steelworkers Local 9424-3 in Bayard, NM are employed at one of the world’s largest open-pit copper mines owned by one of the world’s most profitable companies, Freeport-McMoRan. 1,554 more words

New Mexico

My Last Advocate Post

I’ve decided to stop advocating.  My experience with Congressman Murphy has taught me that one person cannot make a difference.  I can’t even get my voice heard.   205 more words

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This is far from my last advocate post. I haven't even gotten started. In My Last Advocate Post, Susan Zarit of Bravely Bipolar makes the case that we who live with mental illness must organize and speak up. I strongly agree with her concluding points and have added details of my own based on my experience.

  • We lack psychiatrists
  • We lack psychiatric beds
  • We lack good quality psychiatric care, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Our mental health system is broken
  • Mental health care workers, including psychiatrists, are overwhelmed
  • Most psychiatrists refuse to accept MediCare, leaving those of us on disability without psychiatric care
  • Rural areas lack psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mental health support groups, and quality medical care in general
We with mental illness must organize and speak up! We are not alone.

Book Review: Hannah Dobbz's "Nine-tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States"


Squatting, according to Hannah Dobbz, “has never had a particularly good reputation in the United States” (12). Squatters are popularly represented as “freeloaders” or “property outlaws” who interrupt exclusive claims to property and thus threaten the fundamental logic of capital. 1,267 more words

Political Activism

Actively Non-activist and CompSec

If you are an activist of any sort, I might be able to help you with security.

Context: I am not an activist. I am utterly certain that, while we might gain some simulacrum of limited political goals, the system will simply route around it because the insiders have their own rules. 605 more words


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Albuquerque’s New Civilian Police Oversight Agency


Alan Wagman is an assistant public defender in Albuquerque. He recently served as one of eleven members of the Police Oversight Task Force, which was created in May of 2013 and was charged with recommending changes to the practice of police oversight in Albuquerque. 2,207 more words


Climate Change Rally in Muncie

Here are photos from today’s rally in Muncie, which called for action on climate change. Rallies were held all over the world to place pressure on global leaders who are meeting in New York this Tuesday for the United Nations Climate Summit. 15 more words

Climate Change

Academic Freedom, Scholar-Activism and the Smoke Screen of Civility


The expectation of “civility” and “collegiality” as necessary virtues for academics as well as recent criticism, and firings, of scholar-activists deemed intemperate and thus unfit for the classroom is a smoke screen to obscure a concerted backlash against the practice of scholar-activism. 3,116 more words

Political Activism