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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Albuquerque’s New Civilian Police Oversight Agency


Alan Wagman is an assistant public defender in Albuquerque. He recently served as one of eleven members of the Police Oversight Task Force, which was created in May of 2013 and was charged with recommending changes to the practice of police oversight in Albuquerque. 2,207 more words


Setting the Tone...

The title of this picture is: “Thank you for parroting every talking point behind this story, I especially liked the patronizing tone you took.”

It is dedicated to Wilson. 380 more words


Climate Change Rally in Muncie

Here are photos from today’s rally in Muncie, which called for action on climate change. Rallies were held all over the world to place pressure on global leaders who are meeting in New York this Tuesday for the United Nations Climate Summit. 15 more words

Climate Change

Academic Freedom, Scholar-Activism and the Smoke Screen of Civility


The expectation of “civility” and “collegiality” as necessary virtues for academics as well as recent criticism, and firings, of scholar-activists deemed intemperate and thus unfit for the classroom is a smoke screen to obscure a concerted backlash against the practice of scholar-activism. 3,117 more words

Political Activism

Young People Are More Politically Engaged

Young people are more politically engaged than many older Australians, according to new reports from the University of Canberra.

The study revealed that young people have engaged in the highest number of political activities, using social media as a primary tool for political activism. 728 more words

Defensive Gun Use Report for June, 2014

For those of you who believe in the right to gun ownership and are not cowed by Left Wing activists who want us disarmed for their own purposes of controlling the citizens of this country, I am pleased to provide a link to a report issued for June of 2014 which addresses many of the cases that you will never see on national news (because they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself). 8 more words

Scottish Independence - Promo For Democracy & Non Violent Politics

Holding a rally in Trafalgar Square to demonstrate England’s passionate desire to keep the Scots on board would have been a brilliant idea, if the passionate desire had actually been on show. 877 more words

Political Activism