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Another "please vote"

Even if your vote is none of those below.

A few quick comments about the candidates and issues:

Lisa Batey–Undoubtably well qualified, lots of energy and ideas. 420 more words


Russian and Ukrainian activists protest against Russian pop star Valeria at the Royal Albert Hall: a few comments on the media coverage

On 21 October 2014, a joint Russian-Ukrainian protest took place outside the Royal Albert Hall in London ahead of a concert by Russian pop singer Valeria. 870 more words

Eat Apples, Annoy Putin

An apple a day, keeps the doctor… or Vladimir Putin away.

In The Economist article, “Eat Apples to Annoy Putin” A.C. writes about Russia’s ban on apples the import of Polish fruit and vegetables which will leave Poland with a huge surplus of apples.   516 more words

Vale Gough Whitlam

A Letter of Thanks.

Dear Mr Whitlam,

In a world awash with US media, we’ve no shortage of examples of great leaders; Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jnr., the Founding Fathers. 1,650 more words

Mental Meandering

Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard Grandville

When choosing who or what I wanted to research I looked through my notes, and Jean Isidore Grandville was written in big letters, underlined, and bolded; His influence was a successful transformation from societal unrest to political change, and and I made sure future me would remember. 265 more words

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Demonstrations Planned for Wednesday in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on National Day of Protest Against Police Violence


Each October 22nd, anti-police violence activists throughout the U.S. observe a national day of protest against police brutality. What began in Los Angeles and New York in 1996 is now organized nationally as the “ 527 more words

New Mexico

Hey, White People Like Me: This Is More Than an "Inconvenience"

I keep thinking how I have got to get out of St. Louis, this backward place, this racists’ haven. How I can’t live in a city where cops kill unarmed kids and the majority of the city rolls their eyes at anyone who has anything to say about it. 305 more words

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