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J. Edgar Hoover

millennia after millennia spent
photosynthesizing itself into dormancy and back
the tree finds itself less-than impressed with
seal team six



Hey, everybody, it's what we used to call in my day "A blast from the past" which means something from a long time ago that you may have given no thought to recently! Anyway, here's a replica of the Political Art I was talking about in my last post!


some of us called him “The Anti-Christ” (check out how many numbers are in each of his names!), some of us called him “Raygun”, and a few called him “Grandpa Reagan”, but not because he was a nice Grandpa, but because he was a mean and cruel Grandpa who we really disliked a lot.

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American Interior

Our diagnostic project this week to help us and the tutors figure where we should specialise for the rest of the year is based on Gruff Rhys independent film/documentary American Interior where he investigates his roots and the life of an ancestor John Evans. 491 more words