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There have been numerous world changing events already in my life, none of which have been reflected in my art practice. I think it would be true of anyone’s life in modern history that there were major upheavals during it, it is not something unique to now or to me, but perhaps with globalisation and the scale of climate change events the stage was set for more frequent and greater changes. 249 more words

Of masks & magic: Uldus Bakhtiozina makes images that poke fun at stereotypes

A 12-year-old boy in a Stormtrooper helmet – and a tutu. A hulking man wearing a pre-Raphaelite collar of Barbie dolls. A bride standing wistfully in a garden, her face obscured by a wrestling mask. 1,431 more words

TED Fellows

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Cartography and Fine Art: Research for a Commission

I’ve been commissioned to create a map of India that has a slightly “antique” look to it. While my instructions are solely aesthetic, as a conscientious ex-art history student, I cannot proceed before doing the bare minimum research. 364 more words

Art History

Monopoly Man

It’s kind of a darker look Monopoly that stems from a

cynical outlook on corporations and upper class from

a college aged student who reads and realizes just how much… 11 more words


Street Art: Waiting for Climate Change

Climate change – in the news after release of this week’s United Nations report – is a topic of significance for Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal.  216 more words


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lost in a field of near copies

                  individual, and yet each lost in a field of near copies …

Ai Weiwei, Stools (2014) © Ai Weiwei

individual, and yet each lost in a field of near copies — it could have been a definition of us, mankind, but is in fact a description used about Ai Weiwei’s new Berlin exhibition. 174 more words


Not a bug splat: This massive portrait is a message to drone operators

This portrait of a girl tells a story larger than the massive piece of vinyl it is printed on. Unfurled in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan, “#NotABugSplat” was created by a collection of artists and activists, using  61 more words


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It is more political in nature, but Art nonetheless