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During a recent trip to Finland which included 2 days in Helsinki followed by a wedding party on the small and oh so idyllic island Nötö, I visited… 427 more words

Uncle-Daddy gives an interview.

Some people might think that Uncle-Daddy has no place in the world today but millions of people who have never heard of Uncle-Daddy would beg to differ……. 279 more words

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The Brotherhood of Death just sold me a dodgy set of coupon books. How dare they!

According to what I have been reading, and in response to what has been reported specifically on the various flash points around the ME and Ukraine, I will venture my opinion as to what is going on in a more abstract fashion; 273 more words

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No one protests about the real, killer, issues.....

because we all know there’s a high probability they would get their heads bashed in, get charged, get jailed, get fined, get black-listed, get bankrupted, get homeless, get despised, get depressed, get lonely, get to kill themselves! 129 more words

Political Art

Abbott, Abe, and Uncle-Daddy get along like a nuclear reactor fire!

I don’t want to HAARP on about it but this problem with Nuclear is that it boils water by destroying the capacity of the planet to sustain itself. 250 more words

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Uncle-Daddy's Journalism

should be considered high caliber. But it’s not. The sophisticated truths that would dazzle when compared to any competitors work are just missed when the public are wearing ‘standard issue’ welding goggles.  1,366 more words

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