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Graffiti in Greece

The painting is pretty self explanatory. I found it when walking around Exarhia with a couple of friends, in an area filled with skateboarders. The image of death cloaking the man, along with carefully worded letters, sends a pretty strong message about the financial crisis.


Reports, Jottings, And Essays

Lip-syncing in Zagreb

‘Drag’ is generally a term used to describe the act of a person dressing and displaying characteristics of the opposite sex in an exaggerated and satirical fashion. 1,446 more words

09/15/14 - HUM 101 - What is the Proper Way to Display a Flag?

Several students have expressed different views around the exhibited entitled, What is the Proper Way to Display a Flag? Emotions and personal passions have run deep within some of you, but overall I would like to thank you all for sharing your thoughts and ideas. 32 more words

General Humanities Information

Zine coming soon!

I am busy researching genders in science fiction, and base-6 numeral systems, to write original material for my upcoming zine HexaSexual.

This experiment in political/personal prose and pictures will be launched at the… 16 more words




‘Yolo’, digital media, 50cm x 45cm, 2014.

Jodi Magi

Sugar Addiction Exposed

James Ostrer has created a bold and fantastic representation of Sugar Addiction revealing it as a monstrous form. The images are visually raising awareness for the corruption of food production and the ‘nutritional delusion’ we are all under. 39 more words

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