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Anselm Kiefer: The Sword
in the Stone

For those who love art, who love politics, history, and genius, the Anselm Kiefer retrospective at the Royal Academy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 922 more words


Keith Haring at the de Young

The de Young museum has a powerful collection of Keith Haring’s more political work. His familiar style can sometimes mislead one into thinking it’s a “one look fits all” type of work but these images grab the viewer by the lapels more often than not. 317 more words


Uterine Communication: Part 1, page 3

The third page in the bizarre discussion with my most intimate, inexorable and unfazed body part. I hope you enjoy Day 2 as much as I do every month. 6 more words


Art May Be The Answer To Political Debates

We have a lot of social unrest and inequity in the world today; no one can deny that. People on all sides are calling for more conversation on the topic, whether they really mean it or not. 866 more words


Death Cults of the False-Flagged Uncle-Daddy.

Death cults are everywhere! There must be a mistake!

No-one mentioned it in the flier they handed me at the last intake!


Some kind of work in the quick, quick, slow. 66 more words

Political Art

STUDIO JOB or blood splatter envy


MOCA’s definition of  Political ART goes about like this: Every artwork is political in the sense that it offers a perspective—direct or indirect—on social relations. 212 more words


Bureau of Historical Preservation

We have many examples of the government stepping in, insisting on ‘helping’ fix problems they perceive to be problems. What comes to mind is the spring loaded hood ornament on vehicles. 33 more words