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UK announces inquiry into former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko's murder

FILE – In this Friday, May 10, 2002 file photo Alexander Litvinenko, former KGB spy and author of the book “Blowing Up Russia: Terror From Within”, is photographed at his home in London. 638 more words


Isn't it Political Asylum?

The images that accompany US / Mexico border issues are of children from Central America in dog kennels.  Leaders are pushing to send the children back and to beef up security on the border. 128 more words

Border Crisis

"Snowden, Go Home": His Unfinished Business Is In A U. S. Courtroom, Not A Moscow Suburb

Edward Snowden, leaker extraordinaire of classified NSA documents, is said to be seeking an extension of his political asylum in Russia, where he has resided, beyond the reach of US jurisdiction and under legal protection granted by Vladimir Putin personally, for a little over one year. 652 more words


Canada's long tightening of refugee policy

On July 4, Federal Court Justice Anne Mactavish ruled against the government’s “cruel and unusual” changes to refugee policy. In 2012, the government removed or reduced federal health care services for failed refugee claimants and claimants originating from one of 37 countries deemed “safe” from humanitarian conflict, whose residents can thus be deported faster and have no right of appeal. 559 more words


Timeline: Canada's refugee policy

1957 – The creation of the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) provides federally-funded health care to refugees and refugee claimants, nine years before the Medical Care Act extends universal, provincially-funded healthcare to Canadian citizens. 274 more words



Australians all let us find voice
For we are being deceived
Our country’s politicians foist
Their scorn on refugees
Send Tamils to Sri Lankan camps… 38 more words

Michael McGuire

My country’s the best and you can’t have it

When we are small in size and intellect, we love the places and people that are ours partly because they are ours alone. As a child I would have insisted that, being mine and not yours, my father is a genius of the highest order and my mother is a saint who hasn’t been canonized yet, and if you say otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to hurl mud bombs at you from my playhouse. 607 more words