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"The Story Of The Cubans" By Joey Santana (The Greatest Thing In Internet History)

The greatest artist in the history of Cuba has written the ultimate documentary detailing the plight of Cubans trying to escape tyranny. This short video will change your life forever.

There is a huge story I am working on this week for Wikifreedia - Stay tuned

There is a huge story I am working on this week. I must earn a living so it will take a week to gather all the information to prepare to write it. 70 more words


Alvin Tan and the Freedom of Expression

Alvin Tan is no stranger to controversy. He gained notoriety as a result of his blog which contained his sexual escapades with then partner, Vivian Lee. 967 more words

Politics Galore

The Tribune - Blacklisted US Sikhs in visa tangle

Ashish Kumar Sen

Washington, 4 October 2014. Three decades after many Sikhs fled the violence that devastated their families in Punjab, the Indian government is continuing to make it hard for them to visit India. 852 more words


It's A Catch-22 For Detroit Woman Facing Possible Imminent Deportation

DETROIT (WWJ) – A local family has launched a campaign to stop the deportation of a 30-year old Detroit woman who they say is in a seemingly paradoxical situation with immigration laws. 258 more words


How many "Christian" asylum-seekers are really Christians?

Many asylum-seekers in Europe from authoritarian Muslim-majority countries are telling refugee boards they are Christians — arguing they therefore cannot return to their countries of origin, where they would be persecuted. 927 more words

The Search

Gormley: Letting refugees drown

They were laughing as the ship sank.

Not the migrants, of course. By all accounts — though there are only a few of those, because there are only a few survivors — the migrants were doing exactly what you’d expect them to do as the sea devoured their boat. 606 more words