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Maggie Simpson Says "I Want My Hijab!"

In the spirit of religious tolerance and total non-violence, I offer this Photoshopped image intended to make you think:

I had buried this image in a… 547 more words

I Am Charlie

Using Children To Market Toxic Products Is Wrong

Weighing in on Maggie Simpson’s flag-waving for Charlie Hebdo. Do Maggs and Charlie really go together like vanilla ice cream & apple pie? Does the combined concoction pass the “Halal test,” or is it far from kosher? 2,288 more words
Religious Freedom


Not going all up into it just now. Murder is murder, and we owe respect and a decent interval to the deceased.

However, I’m saying that I have long had issues with French, and some other European, free- for-all-let-it-rip racist humor. 213 more words