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It Is Spring and Big-Money Conferences on School "Reform" Bloom

I  was educated in the public schools of small town Havre, Montana, and my children were educated in the public schools of inner-ring suburban Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  798 more words

Keeping Public Education Public

The First Amendment, Revisited

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission has provoked a lot of critical comment. Much of the criticism has been directed at the majority opinion, which struck down aggregate limits restricting how much money a donor may contribute to candidates for federal office, political parties, and political action committees. 453 more words


Charles Koch Responds to the Liberal Hate

The Koch brothers are evil because they fight modern liberalism in politics, and anything anti-liberal is by definition evil, according to liberals. So Warren Buffet and George Soros are not evil billionaires for injecting millions into politics for liberal candidates, but the Koch brothers are evil billionaires for injecting millions into politics for conservative candidates. 899 more words



In McCutcheon, the US Supreme Court held that political contribution limits established by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA) violated the petitioner’s rights to free speech under the 1st Amendment.   230 more words

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