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We all are painfully aware of the state of the Nation and the world for that matter. I see tweets, blogs, and Facebook statements that indicate most hardworking (if you even have a job) Americans are fed up with the status quo. 812 more words

Saturday, 26th July 2014

I enjoyed David Selbourne’s fine, muscular essay on civic consciousness in last week’s New Statesman; and it was clever of the editors to set aside so much of the same week’s letters page to illustrating the strands of pseudo-progressive political correctness he’d like civic-mindedness to replace: the ‘politics of personal rights and “lifestyle choices”, of anti-racism and environmental protection, of multicultural separatism, individual identity and gender, and much else besides.’


To Forgive Is Divine

I just finished reading one of the most riveting and inspiring biographies I’ve read to date.  Louis Zamperini passed from this life into the boundless glory of spirit on July 3rd at the amazing age of 97.  957 more words

The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect

 Political correctness is in my opinion an attempt at controlling the masses by influencing the language and the thought process of the people. How many times have you said something only to be told that you should not say it because it is not politically correct? 449 more words


Homeschoolers take on Common Core reforms

July 10, 2014 by Michael D. Clark

Long before eight states began rejecting Common Core school reforms, the sweeping new academic standards were considered enemy combatants in Lesley Hodge’s Loveland home. 238 more words


"Fat Man's Letter"

I see permutations of the above on the streets more and more.  Our tax dollars being used to support out-of-shape police personnel who’s ACLU lawsuits have made such a thing possible. 282 more words


Are We Taking Being PC Too Far?

This first appeared on http://blog.storymojafestival.com/

When is being politically correct an infringement of free speech?

Recently I posted an update on my Facebook page from a conversation with my friend Alice. 677 more words

Political Correctness