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The last two days have been a blur. Sunday night I was packed ready to leave for a solo trip to India on Monday morning. 694 more words

Parliamentary Speeches of Maria Klaus - BIRTH OF IDEAL CAPITALISM - On Consultation

INTERVIEW SOUNDBITES 5 (translated from Aussish)


(SHOPPER 1) “She had an unusual religion. Where you can’t get involved in partisan politics. 827 more words

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The Great Frederick Debate

Every sunday at 7pm The Last Hurrah offers an opportunity for Frederick locals to end their week on a high note.

Over the past few months, candidates Jan Gardner and Blaine Young have had numerous debates and don’t seem to be slowing down. 27 more words


Voters Treated to One-Person Debate in Lt. Governor's Race

The Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor of Texas will go it alone tonight in a televised debate, since her Republican opponent did not agree to it. 163 more words


Take Two Aspirin...

“Take two aspirin and call me in the morning”.  That used to be the jest about what doctors told you when you called them after hours.   1,220 more words

Should today's patients have to fund tomorrow's medical research?

Background information

Most Australians respect the Abbott government’s ambition to set up the world’s largest medical research future fund (MRFF) but may resent the prospect of paying $7 of their own  money each time they visit their general practitioner. 849 more words

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