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If Eric Abetz can get a job anyone can

The Hobgoblin of Hobart Eric Abetz emerged from his lair earlier this week to prosecute the government’s war on the unemployed.

This war – especially focused on the young jobless – was a key part of the May Budget. 1,368 more words


"Black" as Zero Point

Ms Carla:

In a TV spot of late, Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to a history of groups (i.e., Irish folk) immigrating to the U.S.A. No shade to Rev. 352 more words

Of memes and quibcags


Memes have aesthetic dimensions, but they should be considered as “political economy” because they are a cheap method by which marginalized thinkers can persuade audiences. 569 more words

Political Economy

Why Are We Working Longer?

I am on my way back from vacation and into work. Unfortunately there’s a tempestuous lightening storm here in the usually sunny Orlando delaying my flight so I think now would be a good time to take stock of the activity that makes up at least 50% of most of our adult waking lives – work. 1,035 more words

Political Economy

Sprawl is doomed ... because it can't tax its residents enough to pay for its cancerous costs

I don’t normally endorse Time magazine, but they have a decent write-up of the “strong towns” urban planner:

Political Economy

Trust Me (I hate you)

Alongside tackling climate change and fighting psycho-capitalism one of the challenges of modern life is keeping up with all the high-qual TV series coming out of the US. 2,144 more words