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Benjamin Franklin never said that he banged Amanda Cerny


Despite the popularity of the t-shirt in tourist shops throughout Philadelphia, Franklin never said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Not even close. 770 more words

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Karl Marx's Top Ten List

When discussing ways to solve America’s domestic problems a friend of mine said, “Let’s all read The Communist Manifesto and do the exact opposite of that.” That may seem like a simplistic solution, but let’s consider these 10 economic requirements laid out in Marx’s writings that are essential for moving towards communism: 355 more words

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‘Afromaidan’: Foreign media cite Ferguson as evidence of US ‘failed state’

Media outlets around the world use Missouri’s racial tension to further criticism of Washington’s policies

Ben Piven (Twitter: @benpiven)
19 August 2014

It should come as no surprise that the wall-to-wall U.S. 1,139 more words

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Milton Friedman on Libertarianism and Humility

Milton Friedman on conservative/libertarian political and economic philosophy/methodology of The Chicago School vs. the methodology of Mises and Austrio-libertarians.

The most comprehensive rebuttal I’ve seen by Friedman on gradual vs non-gradual solutions to government overreach. 7 more words

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Me in The Nation...

…Huffing and puffing about Ferguson, the warrior cop, and the arsenal of racial oppression.