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Russia, the EU, and Sanctions as Subsidy

Yglesias has a new post up on the package of sanctions the EU is preparing for Russia, and one in particular seems interesting, an EU embargo on Russian arms: 287 more words

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The Vinyl Revival - Further Conversations

I got more feedback on my recent post about the vinyl revival than for anything else I’ve written.

Some of these were useful correctives to my prose style (“reads like it was written with a goatee dipped in ink”); others were a bit more constructively engaged with the content and helped me clarify and nuance what I was trying to say. 2,183 more words

It is Truly an Ill Wind… : Economic Losers and Winners from the ISIL Invasion of Iraq

Amid the chaos of the conquest of a large part of Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, also know as ISIS, the Caliphate, or the Islamic State), there has been a great deal of attention paid to the political, military, social, humanitarian, and even religious implications. 2,300 more words

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Putting the 'political' back in political economy

I stumbled across an article in the New York Times a few days ago by Tyler Cowen of George Mason University and a regular contributor to the blog… 780 more words


My article in today's Guardian: Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

My piece in the guardian today. Please go here to read the original.

Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

Economists are refuting the three big picture claims made by the government: 1) We have a budget emergency 2) We have a debt crisis and 3) The carbon tax was ruining the economy… 967 more words

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Brazil's shattered football hopes mirror society's failings

Despite the importance of football in Brazilian society, only the wealthy could afford tickets to the World Cup.

A kick in the teeth: Brazil’s 7-1 World Cup thrashing by Germany reflects the shortcomings of a disillusioned nation. 597 more words

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