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Bankster conspiracies, drinkable water shortages, and centralization of Communist Party control

This post is meant to stimulate the intellects of Westerners who have any interest in the People’s Republic of China.

This post will discuss:

A – bankster conspiracies; 453 more words

Political Economy

When presenting the politically correct ways, one does not always try to be politically correct

When presenting the Western narrative of political correctness from Asia, I sometimes have trouble putting myself into a Western mindset, much less a politically correct Western mindset. 54 more words

Political Economy

Factory Ships

Stories about enslaved fishermen on factory ships occasionally appear on BBC and other news sources.   A recent one tells us about the interdiction of one such ship by Thai police, which then lets the ship go.   1,240 more words


Nock 8/8: natural rights, popular sovereignty, and the State

On the religious side, the doctrine of natural rights had to take account of the unorthodox. Theoretically it was easy to dispose of them. The separatists, for example, such as those who manned the Mayflower, had lost their natural rights in the fall of Adam, and had never made use of the means appointed to reclaim them. 748 more words

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Why Utilitarian Ethics Failed of in Political Economy?

Today’s economic orthodoxy is heavily dependent on the idea of utilitarianism, because it is a convenient mechanism that allows economics to be taken more seriously as a natural science. 3,772 more words

The Economic Sociology and Political Economy community reached 17,000 members

“Oh, figures!’ answered Ned. ‘You can make figures do whatever you want.” (Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea). Jules Verne was one of my favorite childhood writers– I’ve devoured his books with even greater curiosity than his protagonists were eager to discover the world. 115 more words

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The need for academic criticism of ponerology


Ponerology is the name given by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski to an interdisciplinary study of social issues. This discipline makes use of data from psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history to account for such phenomena as aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and despotism.

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