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Paralyse, Neutralise, Stigmatise: The Master Plan Behind the GOP’s Legal Pursuit of Obama

While not implementing what I this week christened his Half-Arsed Doctrine in key geographical regions such as Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, or dithering over the growing… 1,077 more words

Political Perspectives

Listening as a Transformative Methodology

I believe change happens when you have a personal experience that transforms you.  When we stay in our echo chamber and listen to people who think like us, we don’t really learn anything new.   151 more words

Political Perspectives - My letter to Phillip Hammond regarding Gaza

Because I’ve been dismayed by the lack of action in regards to the condemnation of Israel’s atrocious actions in Gaza, I have been preparing a letter over the past few days which I will post to the Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom, Phillip Hammond. 845 more words


Political Perspectives - What is TTIP and why is it bad news?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Political Perspectives. This week, I’m looking to look at why some sections of society argue that global trade pacts such as TTIP are a bad thing, and who they are bad for. 717 more words


Political Perspectives - Would a federal UK result in a more stable union?

I have decided to put Theory Focus on a hiatus, and have chosen to replace it with a new series called Political Perspectives. Theory Focus isn’t over forever, it will return. 1,794 more words