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Last Night’s Debate Exposes Sanderson



It was almost predictable with John Sanderson.  From the get-go, Sanderson was in way over his head.  He launched a campaign for a job that he is grossly incapable of performing and he launched it on the hope that if he generated enough anger, he could (somehow) become mayor of Brampton, Ontario. 589 more words


Wise Choice Harkanwal S. Thind

This fellow is the real thing!  He has been successful in everything he has touched. 

Harkanwal is a well educated and forward looking person.

Probably one of the most extensive platforms of any candidate, this fellow shows that he has truly put his mind to making Brampton an even better place to live. 154 more words


Time to Put on the Big Boy Pants and Lose the Emotions!!!


A rogue faction inside Brampton City Council is attempting to circumvent the voters’ choice and toss our Mayor before we get a chance to vote them OUT and her back in. 574 more words


FRANKLY Speaking


 Baseball Hall of Famer, Leo Durocher made a couple memorable comments.  He was the fellow that said, “”There is a thin line between genius and insanity, and in Larry’s (MacPhail) case it was sometimes so thin you could see him drifting back and forth.” 208 more words


Understand WHY I am seeking Political Office


People enter politics and the democratic process for any number of reasons.  Some are politicians.  I am not. I am an advocate.  In my world, no one is left behind and there are not winners or losers. 445 more words


Dead Heat In Iowa

Rasmussen survey is out with a new poll in Iowa that finds Joni Ernst (R) and Bruce Braley (D) locked in a tie in the U.S Senate Race, 43% to 43%.

Senate Election News

Reading Between The Lines In The Gardner-Udall Poll

DENVER (CBS4) - Rep. Cory Gardner, trying to unseat Sen. Mark Udall, boasts an eight-percentage point lead over his rival in a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday. 371 more words