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Are there grounds for a reasonable Apprehension of Bias?



A cozy little golf foursome photographed, September 2013 (just before Grewal launched his first story), Pictured from left: Rick Drennan (Brampton Bus Times –Torstar); Councilor John Sanderson; San Grewal (Toronto Star) and Councilor Elaine Moore). 294 more words

A shout out for Canada



It is easy to be cynical but sometimes, I think we all forget that we Canadians live in a wonderful land.

I came across this song performed by Bowser and Blue and invite you to shake off the winter, stomp your feet and think about this place we all call home.

You want a Scandal? Think about Garbage






I have been astounded reading how a certain writer for one of the Toronto newspapers has many believing that the particular reporter is on the ball and doing a great public service. 574 more words

Billions of Canadian Dollars in Foreign Aid while First Comunities Neglected



Abject poverty in many/most FN communities. The ones in the north (that I have visited) are without fit housing, proper educational resources and absent the minimum requirements as set out in the Canada Health Act. 87 more words

The Cruel, mean spirit of the Trudeau Clan Reveals Iteself

 People are getting shot on the street in Kiev. The world holds its collective breath and the (theoretical) Next Prime Minister cracks jokes. (who is writing his speaking notes? 146 more words