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Maybe we should all learn about Sensationalism

By applying the Toronto Star’s method of reporting, that traffic ticket you got for driving 55 kph in a 40 kph zone would really be 15 tickets – wouldn’t it? 114 more words


A Very Sad Announcement

[ Brian R. Johnson January 28, 1953 – August 17, 2014]

It is with sadness and a very heavy heart  that I learned to day that Brian R. 64 more words

What's Wrong With Obama?

Bashing president Obama is a popular pastime these days. On the Erstwhile Conservative’s blog, commenter Anson Burlingame recently blamed him personally for the current political divide in the Congress and in the country as a whole. 671 more words


Treaties, Consultation and Pipe Lines

History can be quite selective at times.   That Canada is a land of opportunity for the many generations of immigrants who found their way to the shores of Canada.  932 more words

Brampton Forensic Audit – Bob Callahan’s Report Card

[ Deloitte Report not Kind to Bob Callahan – His alleged breaches also in Police hands]


 Reading about Bob Callahan’s alleged City of Brampton spending misdeeds troubled me more than those of almost any other member of Council.  674 more words

Defining Conflict of Interest

[ A pause to reflect: The Bellamy Commission]

Amazing conclusions were formed by Justice Bellamy nearly ten years ago about what happens when Municipal officials use their office to become involved in activities that are contrary to the public good that create an impression of personal gain or advantage. Think BIG,,,,really BIG