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So these are the questions that the Conservatives what us all to answer. I’m sure that no person would disagree with what the Tories are trying to achieve. 873 more words

Political Rant

Poor Losers Make Poor Winners

Politics is a fool’s game. There seems to be a stark difference in How it once was and how it is now, even though there isn’t. 966 more words


Post Referendum Post

The referendum is now over and the people of Scotland have decided their own fate. Those of you who follow my blog or read my occasional rant here and there, will know I was firmly on the side of YES. 628 more words

Political Rant

Border Security – Both Political Parties Fail Miserably

I have been watching the news waiting for someone to get a clue on border security. Unfortunately it looks like I am going to be waiting for a loooonnngggg time. 616 more words

One Night at Java Joe's

One Night at Java Joe’s

Fourteen claps, spangled, bald, hopeless:
Fine Young Cannibal commander speaks.
This time he speaks! He says “go ask the
City fathers for a new parade. 152 more words


September 11: 13 Years on

Note: I am not American. I am Nigerian but I sympathize with the American public more I do with the Nigerian public over the current menace that is Boko Haram. 632 more words


9-11: Aftermath

It has been 14 years since the tragedy, and yet we are still living in fear of the unimaginable. Legislation has been past and re-past to “ensure” the safety of all Americans, but does it? 878 more words