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Ok, so here we are. I am fourteen chapters into my Thanksgiving story and still no clue as to when I will reveal what is really going on. 1,586 more words

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Gruber Pyle

Do you own a Tee Vee?  You do?  Too bad.

The reason I bring this up is, since I retired, I noticed this device has become an electronic pipeline of crap.  664 more words

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The End

The End

Self segregation naturally evolves when less than 10 percent of the population has dark skin. A private school in the south, say Ravenscroft, founded 1854, incorporates African Americans for the purposes of athletics. 326 more words



My avid reading is a font of inspiration, no doubt. Case in point is the book I just read. While I won’t go into specifics, I will revisit a subject I’ve talked about numerous times. 632 more words



Must add all respondents to my follow list. Jeff Nguyen is already there. His blog truly rocks. “Create small communities that do not participate in globalization. 171 more words


My Beliefs

My Beliefs:

I am not a political party, I am an American.

I do not believe in trickle down. It is not truth-based, it is a theory that has no basis in reality. 1,126 more words