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Let us be good.

Let us be good.

Let’s  stand firm and strong and true with our backs straight and our honor pure and our hearts of lions ready to sacrifice to make our presence secure, our gaze stern, our aim true, our demeanor grave. 161 more words


50 Soldiers Beheaded And Their Heads Put On Poles

Warning: Do not watch this if you want to have a “nice” day. Just scan the article underneath the video. That will give you the gist of it without having these horrors imprinted in your psyche. 653 more words



Soul travelin from places of unknown origin met at the junction of conception
placed in the womb a world within a world void of malfunction… 102 more words

Book Clubs

International Boycott of Israel Gaining Traction Worldwide

Relocate Israel to Idaho!

Hit Israel in the pocket book. Boycott anything from Israel until they re-join the human race.

Their bar product code is 729. 475 more words


Ukraine’s Army Fires Phosphorus Bombs at Donetsk

These fascist monsters have no shame, no scruples, no morals. Thanks again to the US government , and all American voters and taxpayers, that propped up this psychopathic regime. 198 more words


The Necessity of Politics

H/T Frank Turek

As Bo Jinn observes, “An anarchist might say that he simply ‘rejects politics,’ but he is still confronted with the inescapable problem of how human society is to organize itself, whether he likes the idea of someone being in charge or not.”


5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Changing Your Major

I changed my major twice in my first semester at UF (yes, twice) and that wasn’t nearly the last of my indecisiveness. I have changed majors at least four times since then — from Political Science to Physics to Chemical Engineering and right back to Political Science. 671 more words