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"Lost of Patience"

One word embodying a huge virtue given in description of good character a beholder of its essence calmed in a panicked world slow towards aggression laid back inclined to smooth sailing accepting what takes place in this world not in our control is all part of our lessons everything will be ok I have the strength to endure each time tried it grows stronger the natural order of life follows its designer back  and forth peaks and valleys no condition is forever after difficulty there is ease rewarded higher the success of passing test bringers us closer…self-actualization and purpose understanding resembles prophetic wisdom parables teach and linger contemplation minds no longer occupied from worldly stimulation poised in a manner others drawn to duplication not comprehended it’s seen not for what it’s is only immediate application confused to adaptation  lazy lifestyles need motivation only when practiced do we get better the human being easily inclined to lowly habitation higher states of being falling short overtaken the constant struggle of eventually growing wings… Self-mastery blind sight eyes bring the illusion of perception varies from person to person… 84 more words

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Aristotle on the Spontaneous Organization of the State

Like other social institutions, the State is a product of human action, and not of human design (contrary to what Rothbardians may say):

He who thus considers things in their first growth and origin, whether a state or anything else, will obtain the clearest view of them.

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The Life of Going Into International Politics

Today, I had lunch with two of my old high school teachers.  You laugh, but I had a blast with them.  They are amongst my favorite and I love catching up them.   362 more words

Barrenness is ripe. Tis the proper landscape.

Barrenness in ripe.  Tis the proper landscape. 

Pity be the poor, poor devil himself trading favors and joys and spots of candy and ploys for the right to have the poor, poor shrived souls of the poor poor folk who inhabit our general strives and drives to clean up the world and set up caste systems and school systems, and prison systems, and military systems that are sane private, hard nosed life and business models for processing sterile, baroque, self satisfying, hedonistic, smug,  holistic,  confiscatory sneering pits spits of bilious power bolts saved only by the grace of God. 183 more words


AU Political Science Boasts High Law School Admission Rate

By Scott Gower

Every year, more than 50,000 students across the United States turn in applications for admission to law school. Over the past 10 years, only 66 percent of all applicants to ABA-approved law schools were admitted, according to data from the… 579 more words

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