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Outcome of Scotland's Vote

It appears Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom for the time being. The count was 55% to 45% out of the 86% percent of the population that voted. 89 more words

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#ScottishIndependence Referendum Final Result: We're Better Together...Sort Of...

#Scotland votes to remain part of the #UnitedKingdom as historic #referendum ends 55.3%-44.7% against #independence; all 32 councils counted

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Scottish referendum: morning after thoughts

So Scotland voted to stay with the Union – the silent “no” vote giving a bigger “no” majority than once seemed likely, on the back of a huge turnout.   940 more words

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The political scientist inside me dies a little bit when she sees:

  • People who think “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is in the US Constitution.
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Atheism is a religion

I hear that a lot — that atheism is a religion — from people who are not atheists. And, of course, we atheists have our… 1,008 more words


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War lords, gang lords, pimps, sadists, attack dogs ..... the needed skills to survive the future of less and none.

War lords, gang lords, pimps, sadists, attack dogs  ….. the needed skills to survive the future of less and none.

Everyone is worried about the vast and tawdry skills gap that is making it impossible for normal everyday people to gain gainful employment, worthy survival going forward …. 202 more words


ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (1:21)

It’s time for a new conspiracy theory. Ask yourselves this: how come ISIS has not attacked anything Israeli, including the oil pipeline that runs just North of the territories they control? 10 more words

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