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First Stop: EGYPT

EGYPT – I have never been in another country other than Mexico and the United States in my twenty-two years of life. Therefore, traveling to Egypt was definitely one of the most shocking experiences I could ever had. 1,712 more words


German Journalist Udo Ulfkotte: The US is Controlling German Media (13:20)

With thanks to http://counterpsyops.com

The video is in English with French subtitles.

Watch what happens when you try to go against the US empire propaganda machine. 140 more words


Al-Taalib is born.

My name is Pedro Garcia, a twenty-two year old Hispanic male majoring in International Politics from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Just as many other students from UTEP, I have also lived and studied in Mexico, experiencing the bi-cultural contrast that these two entities have to offer, and it was such experiences which have had a direct impact on the way I perceive the world. 428 more words


Chapter 1: “What is Enlightenment?” by Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault’s essay “What is Enlightenment?” taken from the reader which bears the author’s name, is both a deep piece as well as a shockingly simple one. 874 more words

Media Reviews

An Australian Brain Drain

Undoubtedly science will be curtailed by lack of funding,

We’ll be losing using those bright young minds and growing them into great scientists that make a difference to not just Australia but the whole world.

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Boycott Sweden: Swedish prosecutors keep up arrest warrant against Assange

Boycott him too

Victoria, Canada

Oct 29, 2014


Sweden used to be the moral standard of liberalism in the world. No more. They obviously have been inhaling too many US chemtrails. 383 more words


Lina Svedin

Title: Associate Professor in the Political Science Department

Company: University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Lina Svedin’s research interests include crises and crisis management, ethics in public administration, accountability mechanisms, trust in government, perceptions of risk and risk regulation, the interaction between public and private actors in administration, and public policy. 237 more words