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Why Library and Information Science?

To anyone who has taken the time to check out my MLIS Portfolio and Blog, thank you! I know I do not have too terribly much under my belt just yet in regards to my academic experience, as this Fall 2014 is my first semester, but I am so far enjoying immersing myself in this new field of study and am excited about what all I will discover! 204 more words

Library And Information Studies

Putin on the New World Order (NWO)

Vladamir Putin, for all his corrupt failings, his honesty is a refreshing change from a lot of politicians these days:


Test 27 October: multiple-choice test

We will be writing a 20-question multiple-choice test on Monday 27 October in Social Studies 11.  It will test all the skills that we have been practising, including (but not limited to): 90 more words

Alcuin College

Political Science and Justice

The concept of justice continues to remain a matter of debate in the minds of political thinkers. There have been several attempts by political thinkers such as David Miller and Rawls who have attempted to define this concept. 1,094 more words


Laura Hussey, Political Science, in the Baltimore Sun and Herald-Mail

On October 22, the Baltimore Sun published an article about Baltimore County campaign signs and how some are set up in a way to display bipartisanship. 201 more words


Thomas Schaller, Political Science, in The Hill

An article published October 19 in The Hill examines several elections in the South where Democratic candidates have close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton in states such as Arkansas and Kentucky. 186 more words


Failed States and Failed Civilizations


Why failed states now?

The idea of a failed state (or, if you prefer, a “fragile state”) has been playing an increasingly prominent role in geopolitical thought at least since the end of the Cold War. 2,517 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy