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Rejoice! Our Biennial Nightmare Will Soon Be Over

Happy Election Day America! Today marks the close of the congressional midterm elections, which were as dark and interminable as the winter soon to be upon us. 1,228 more words

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No, both sides DON'T do it, Part the Infinity

Every time I or anyone else correctly points out the disproportionate influence of conservative spending on the American electoral process at both the federal and state levels, someone — either a liar or a useful idiot — usually pipes up with, “But the liberals do it, too!” In point of fact, a quick visit to… 169 more words

Aiee! Teh Stoopid! It Burns!

Gun Control Groups To Match NRA Spending In Midterm Elections

WASHINGTON — Gun control groups say this is the year they finally go toe-to-toe with the National Rifle Association and match their foe’s imposing campaign spending for congressional candidates. 842 more words


Political spending pays off

KIMT News 3 – It’s campaign season, which means political ads are taking over television space. Volunteers are manning the phones and knocking on doors, not to mention signs of support are popping up in yards across the nation. 420 more words