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Guest Post on Immigration: A Christian Case for Restrictionism

Editor’s note: Noah Winograd has been a good friend of mine for several years. I first met him about six years ago in Augusta, Georgia, where we both came to a saving faith in Christ through the preaching ministry of Dr. 2,546 more words


Untimely Italians: A Profile of The Italian List and Interview with Alberto Toscano

When someone begins to study European philosophy and theory, or Continental philosophy as the unhelpful designation goes, the focus is usually on the traditions of French and German philosophy (leaving the term analytic to denote the work of the British, those living on that island off the coast of Europe proper). 6,504 more words


A Children's Crusade?

Harry Monroe, Jr., a licentiate of North Texas Presbytery (PCA), has posted this piece on the current influx of unaccompanied children from Central America into the U.S. 385 more words

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How Evangelicals Handle Wealth, Fame, and Mission

“Not by bread alone we live,
Thy good word our life shall be;
Not for all the earth can give
Shall we worship ought but thee;

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The Immigration Debate: Two Christian Perspectives

Immigration reform has been a major topic of discussion for quite a while, but it seems to have gained a bit more attention lately. First I heard about InterVarsity Press’s release of  1,191 more words


Lessons Learned From Carl Schmitt’s “Political Theology” and the Growth of Democracy

Carl Schmitt was a German philosopher and jurist who was an extensive and important figure in legal and political theory during the early 20th century. Schmitt is not widely known in most philosophical circles because of his involvement with the National Socialist Party of Germany- also known as the Nazi Party. 578 more words

Guest Post: There's Freedom, and then There's Freedom

It is the fourth of July and “freedom” is ringing loudly from every fair, shopping mall, and even some churches. As I drove past a Presbyterian church on this Independence Day, these words were emblazoned on their sign facing the main road: “Happy Fourth of July!  442 more words

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