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Freedom and the Powers: Perspectives from Baptist History edited by A. R. Cross and J. H. Y. Briggs (Baptist Historical Society, 2014)

‘Christ Jesus … exalted … farre aboue all principalities and powers’: Baptist Attitudes to Monarchy, Country and Magistracy, 1609-1644 – Anthony R. Cross

Political Theology among the Earliest Baptists: The Foundational Contribution of Leonard Busher, 1614-1646 – Malcolm B. 160 more words

Political Theology

Corporations Are People Too

Since 2010, I’ve been one of the many people frustrated by the idea, protected by law in the USA, that a corporation is a person. The Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court in 2010 not only reinforced that corporations are people, but also that they are people with free speech. 1,045 more words


On Submission to Authority and Romans 13:1-7

When you ask someone what the New Testament says about politics, they’ll probably point you to Romans 13:1-7, which is one of the few explicit references to government. 954 more words


Do Androids Dream of Electric Gods?

Last night I rewatched Stanley Kubrick’s classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey (we’re in the middle of a Stanley Kubrick film fest, just because, and just because we found a good price on a blu-ray box set of most of his movies). 925 more words


America: The Modern Phoenicia (Guest Post by Todd Miller)

In Apologetics for the 21st Century, Louis Markos writes, “Phoenicia controlled a mercantile empire run on greed, realpolitik, and the bottom line, and they set up outposts all over the Mediterranean world to ensure their control of the sea” (Pg.86). 1,071 more words

Political Theology

Preaching Law & Gospel in the Post-Election Euphoria

Thursday November 6, 2014. Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25.

Most people preparing to preach on Sunday are struggling with how far to press the metaphor of the bridesmaids in the Gospel. 693 more words

Political Theology: Ideologies

One of my major interests in the field of public theology is political theology. It’s exactly as it sounds: the theology of politics. Political theology encompasses everything from whether or not Christians should vote to just war theory and back again: political engagement, running for office, separation of church and state, voting preferences, pacifism, civil disobedience, you name it. 1,237 more words

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