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Holy Tuesday

It is Holy Tuesday, and by now the chronology is obscured. The specifics of the day in each narrative have been blurred, lost in the excitement and furor of controversy. 487 more words


Hearing What We Like - A Palm Sunday Sermon

Title: “Hearing What We Like”
Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11
Delivered: Calvary Moravian Church, Allentown; April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday is one of those days that make me hungry for a good conspiracy theory. 2,032 more words


Holy Monday

It is Holy Monday, and Jesus is in Jerusalem. He has entered the city and prepared the way through an act of political satire. He might do anything next. 482 more words


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday. The Triumphal Entry. Holy Week begins.

It is a well-known and oft-told story: Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem riding on a colt, on the foal of a donkey. 601 more words


A Unified Theory (A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature book event)

A unified theory — though not a theory of everything. Not philosophy of, with all its implications of dominance and omnicompetence (a philosophy of religion, of law, of fashion are all equally plausible), nor even simply philosophy and — but a unified theory of philosophy and some science. 1,212 more words


Manufactured Desire, Destructive Discontent

In one of my classes we have been reading Graham Ward’s “The Politics of Discipleship.” In the book he writes of manufactured desire.  He sets it in contrast to actual needs.  467 more words

Sorel, Catholicism and Towards a Militant Political Theology

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the revolutionary
persecutions revived this myth of the struggle
with Satan, which inspired so many of the eloquent… 554 more words