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Vermigli and the Right to Resistance

During my study time I once read a review, written by one of my teachers, on a book about Peter Martyr Vermigli. At that time I was almost completely ignorant on Vermigli. 819 more words


The Giver: Love and Ambiguity

Imagine a world where all choices are made for you, where parents need not decide their child’s name, where a young adult need not choose her profession. 875 more words

Repentance, Repentance, and Ferguson, MO

Slumber, slumber; My Church is the great sleeper
Why, o Why, do you ask for help to spend on yourselves
You have forgotten to bind the hearts of the brokenhearted…

481 more words
Political Theology

Review: "The Good of Politics" by James Skillen

James W. Skillen. The Good of Politics: A Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Introduction. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2014. 240 pp. $22.99


How should Christians view politics? 1,391 more words


21 Signs You Might Be a Terrible Christian

Jayson Bradley has compiled this list of signs that you might be a terrible Christian. Now personally I think the label “terrible” might be going a bit too far, but I understand where he’s coming from. 301 more words

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