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Beyond Sovereignty

The conventional wisdom is that the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 marked the ascendancy of the international political system of sovereign nation-states. It was then that the Roman Catholic church, so most historians suggest, lost its right to influence the internal machinations of Europe’s states… a maneuver which I can hardly imagine helped Pope Innocent X down his bacon and eggs. 525 more words

A Touch Of Spice

Radical Decontextualization - Fragments On Photography

I haven’t written anything here for a little while. This was partly out of personal circumstances and partly borne out of conscious choice – I never wanted to write just for the sake of churning out content as theory should always only be done when there’s something to say( TRY to remember that  Slavoj, please…) 1,041 more words


Wu and the art of ghetto revolution, pt. 2.2

I told you last time around that this post would look at Georges Sorel’s idea of faith, and its connection with some of the ideas expressed or implicit in the… 575 more words

Political Theory

El debate político (nueve puntos), por Fernando Mires | Prodavinci

Excelente nueve puntos que se deben observar en todo debate político.


1. Un debate es una lucha de posiciones. puntos comunes, diferimos en los tiempos y modos de llevarlos a la práctica. 121 more words

Oh, You Think You Have a Choice Now?

I don’t think people realize how awesome the market is. And it is not some scary force you have no control over, we are the market! 171 more words


Constitutional Self-Government and Nationalism: Hobbes, Locke and George Lawson


Abstract: The emphasis in contemporary democratic theory and in the history of political thought on the peculiarly abstract theory of popular sovereignty of Locke and his twentieth-century intellectual descendants obscures a crucial relationship between constitutional self-government and nationalism.

Political Theory

Political Integration vs Mutual Co-operation

The Māori Party attracts considerable criticism from across the political spectrum. They are ‘separatists’ or ‘brown troughers’ to the Right and ‘irrelevant sell outs’ to much of the Left. 861 more words

NZ Party Politics