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"What to Say? What Can Be Said?"; or, "Lost Black Words: Vol. ∞"

“Bring wings to the weak
Bring grace to the strong
Make all evil stumble as it flies in the world
All the tribes come and the mighty will crumble…

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Political Theory

Not a very feminist party

The NZ Herald reports that Dr Pani Farvid, Internet Party candidate for Palmerston North, told a women’s group that  the Internet Party is a feminist party. 1,443 more words

NZ Party Politics

States Based on Radical Ideologies and The Future Gaia States


What will the borders of empire look like in the 21st century? How will civilizations and nations define themselves? 1,971 more words

On the Importance Of Caring: A Clarification

In an entry that I posted a couple of days ago I argued that it is not clear whether a society is better if its members care more about its affairs. 363 more words


Mark Haugaard Publications:



  1. Haugaard and K. Ryan (2012) Power: The Development of the Field, International Political Science Association, and Barbara Budrich. Berlin.
  2. Haugaard and Clegg (2012) (eds) …
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Ozymandias vs Beelzebub

Nature has a way of bringing the rule of particular men to an end every few decades. The mechanism is called Death.

Liberalism though doesn’t have an expiration date or an inherently limited lifespan. 84 more words


The Mandate of Heaven

In my last post, I discussed what makes a good ruler. Specifically, I concluded that the great Roman Emperors were not characterized by their adherence to any one system of rule; they were not traditionalists. 1,375 more words