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What is liberty?

Liberalism is a meta-ideology which emerged in Europe in the 17th century and has been an important topic of debate since then. The thinkers who were popular in their discussion of Liberalism were John Locke( in his social contract), John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. 989 more words


Expanding the Liberty Canon: Tacitus on Barbarian Liberty

Cornelius Tacitus was a Roman senator and historian from the early Roman Empire. Some details of his life are oddly evasive given his high status in the Roman system and his fame as a writer. 2,297 more words


Hate and Racism have no Limits

The struggle for political power continues. If you have paid attention, the Era of Obama appears to have generated a real truth about our political system. 554 more words


It is a four party race, so why choose Susan Wright?

“I think the Calgary-Elbow by election is going to surprise people. #ableg #abpoli

  • Intended Tweet, Russell Scantlebury (@52ideas, Oct 5, 2014)

As a political geek, I can admit that I watch election night results like some people watch sports. 679 more words


Political Science and Justice

The concept of justice continues to remain a matter of debate in the minds of political thinkers. There have been several attempts by political thinkers such as David Miller and Rawls who have attempted to define this concept. 1,094 more words


Washington Irving, “Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle Gent.” (1802–1803)

There is nothing that seems more strange and preposterous to me than the manner in which modern marriages are conducted. The parties keep the matter as secret as if there was something disgraceful in the connexion.

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