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Don’t Lose Your Head Like Marie Antoinette

A friend once called me a “level-headed Libertarian.” While I disagree with the Libertarian part, I do agree with “level-headed.”

He said he likes that I can equally respect both left-wing and right-wing ideologies (he’s a Liberal), and that I’m not a reactionary when it comes to political stupidity. 161 more words


More on the inherent conservatism of the Left

I’ve blogged about the reactionary nature of the Left before, and in 2012 I went so far as to write, in response to a Marxist historian’s essay on capitalism and gay identity, that: 350 more words


Education Reform, Part II

One of the original purposes of public education was to create better citizens.  That purpose seems to be lost today.  In fact, schools now try to undermine loyalty to the U.S. 508 more words

Expanding the Liberty Canon: Rome and Carthage in the Histories of Polybius

This historically based exploration of writing on liberty now reaches the point where the Greek world has fallen under the domination of Rome, but even at this point we can see that the Greek language and heritage will continue to be important in a Roman dominated Mediterranean, particularly in the eastern parts, leaving the legacy of the Christian Gospels in Greek, the fifth and sixth century CE transformation of the eastern Roman Empire into a Greek Empire , still known to itself as Rome, but to us as Byzantium. 1,757 more words

Western Civilization

And Where Is The World Going?

Whatever the reasons for observed differences in social adaptive capacities, it follows that some societies will be roiled more and others less when significant change and associated accelerated pluralization occur on a planetary scale, as is occurring today. 47 more words


Human Rights

We talk about human rights as being extremely important.  People like me who dislike war and militarism often support military action in defense of human rights.   950 more words

World Affairs

An Excellent Analysis of Karl Marx and His System by Leszek Kolakowski

Many Western Marxists used to repeat that socialism such as it existed in the Soviet Union had nothing to do with Marxist theory and that, deplorable as it might be, it was best explained by some specific conditions in Russia.

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Western Civilization