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What Illegal Immigration Means to the Dollar

By this i don’t mean its direct effect on the dollar, but since you asked…. One could be lead to believe that it minimally effects the dollar because they don’t have any federal reserve notes.   669 more words

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Rivaled Reverie

Pardon my puns and proclivity
But not really or that might be cliche of me…
You see I like to believe I have the tenacity… 74 more words


Foreign Talents and Wage

First and foremost, I agree that an illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant, regardless what reason behind his or her immigration. One  has to respect whatever laws in the country he or she is in. 452 more words

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Conservative Or Liberal?

Where you choose to live says a lot about you.

Seventy-seven percent of “consistently liberal” adults went with what sounded like the urban milieu: the dense neighborhood, the compact home, the “walkability.” Fully seventy-five percent of “consistently conservative” adults went with the polar opposite. 14 more words

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The 2nd Amendment

Looking over the net, like I happen to do actually quite a bit, I have found a lot of people that actually do not know, or understand the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.  1,434 more words