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Tuesday morning buffet

Go get a plate and dig in.

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This union aggression will not stand, man.

Never say Ohio’s legislature can’t act quickly in a crisis.

College athletes in Ohio would not be considered employees under state law, under changes to the state’s budget review made by a legislative committee on Monday.

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Political Wankery

Jim Delany can always use a good chuckle.

Sooner or later, this is bound to be good for a quote:

State Sen. Michael Connelly (R-Naperville) wants there to be another public Big Ten school in Illinois.

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Political Wankery

Moved to respond

So how seriously is the NCAA taking CAPA’s trip to Congress in the wake of the NLRB ruling?  Seriously enough to compel its normally reticent… 105 more words


Instead of wondering if student-athletes can pay taxes...

… a better question might be whether schools are prepared for this shot across the bow:

The House Ways and Means Committee, under the direction of chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.), is circulating a draft of what could become a bill known as the Tax Reform Act of 2014.

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Wednesday morning buffet

Grab a plate.

  • Tracy Rocker sounds pretty no-nonsense about his charges:  “You produce, you stay,” Rocker said. “You don’t produce, next. It’s all about playing with the right combination and to get guys to produce with full-speed effort.
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Georgia Football

Monday morning buffet

As you might expect, there’s a little extra union-y seasoning in the chafing dishes this morning.

  • Not funny, Hutson“A noodle arm like me, it’s takes quite a bit of effort for a kid from Florida that can run to get it out there,” Mason said.
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