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Sunday morning buffet

Lotta green in today’s buffet…

  • Somebody thinks Dan Mullen has emerged as the lead guy in Michigan’s head coaching search.  “Both sources said to me that with Dan, it’s not about being the highest paid coach in his state / conference/ whatever (which is more important to some coaches than many people understand), what drives Dan is his desire to win a national championship.”
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Georgia Football

“You can’t squeeze all that sausage into the sack.”

The BCS may be gone, but Representative Joe Barton is back.  And he’s got news for you, College Football Playoff – the only good postseason is one that allows… 517 more words


Wednesday morning buffet

Oh, there’s something here you can try…

College Football

Way to go, college athletics.

As I feared, you’re on the verge of letting the camel’s nose into the tent.

To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, greed is good, but only to the extent you can keep the government out of your business. 13 more words

Political Wankery

What's worse than using college players' likenesses for financial gain?

Using them for political gain.

That violates NCAA rules, but I’m not exactly sure whom the NCAA can punish.  I bet if Prewitt and Love were threatened with suspension over it, heads would roll, though.


Tuesday morning buffet

By all means, help yourselves.

  • Jimbo Fisher says he’ll punish Winston “if the facts change”.  What, like if there are no more baseball suspensions?
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Georgia Football