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If Mark Emmert didn't exist, Claire McCaskill wouldn't want to invent him.

As far as problem solving goes, yesterday’s appearance by the NCAA president in front of a Senate committee hearing was expectedly short on specifics, but as far as political theater goes, … 521 more words


Don't get John McCain started on college sports.

I’ve mentioned before that the NCAA’s long-term strategy of seeking redress in Congress if the courts don’t go its way on amateurism may not be that easy a path, because there may not be the groundswell of support the schools and conferences expect there (except for Republican knee-jerk opposition to unions, of course). 267 more words

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Playing the long game

As yesterday’s statement from the Big Ten indicates, I think it’s slowly dawning on college presidents that O’Bannon is turning into a losing proposition for them.  413 more words

College Football

Tony Barnhart isn't a lawyer, although he plays one on Twitter.

Mr. Conventional Wisdom tells it like he thinks it is.

Really is no debate. If male athletes get extra benefits (cost of attendance stipend, etc.) then female athletes must get them.

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Thursday morning buffet

Okay, here you go.

  • Bo Pelini takes a page out of Andy Staples’ book and advocates eliminating national signing day:  “If somebody has offered a kid, let him sign, it’s over.”
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Georgia Football

Wednesday morning buffet

Some things to take your mind off… well, you know what.

Georgia Football