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Inspired by Che's "A Note in the Margin"

Vague man on a shadowed road,

Your presence is a nostalgia that awakens my future.

Every decision, a direction allowing an infinite number of possibilities to flourish, 72 more words

Political Writing

Tangential Politics: A strange little tale of gender, superheroes, and video games

Before I put up a post about the existential panic of being so close to a funded Kickstarter but running out of time, I want to take a moment to tell a weird little tale that might show, in a quirky way, some of the deep-seated issues of misogyny ingrained into both parts of the comic book culture and the video game culture.  656 more words


Getting Political: What the hell, 'gamebros'?

Reading the news is always something of a roller-coaster.  There are high points and low points.  Maybe I should say, though, that the news is more like riding a rickety roller-coaster, because at the end, I usually wind up feeling off-balance, confused, and a tad sick to the stomach, with little of the rush riding a good coaster gives me.  339 more words

Political Writing

Thoughts on Literature, its Obligation and Commonsense, Part I

Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) is mostly known for his classic Lolita (1955). Confronted with his other works I struggled at first and found his way of writing quite tiresome . 571 more words


Put Your Hands in the Air by G.M. Palmer #standwithferguson Friday Writing Prompt

The beautiful’s
A lie when thugs
Can crack the law
Across our corpse
As the press shrugs.

The lens flare flash
Of the gas mask’s…

94 more words
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A Political Moment: Freedom isn't free, people

I wanted to write, as I usually do, about aspects of the writing process and challenges I have faced during that process.

I can’t.  Not today. 516 more words

Political Writing

The School of the Dead: The Radical Danger of Readers and Writers

Reading about writing can be something like reading about music. Too meta, too not-quite, too useless. But reading Hélène Cixous’ Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing… 3,846 more words