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Israel Destroys Gaza’s Sole Power Plant..getting harder every day to see both sides, one side seems to be doing all the damage

Holy Fucking ShitBalls — Israel Destroys Gaza’s Sole Power Plant.

Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Israel hit the Gaza Strip’s one power plant Tuesday as part of a larger campaign to target Hamas’ infrastructure and symbols of power. 120 more words


They Are Children.. if this was your child...wouldn't you want them helped?

Holy Fucking ShitBalls — They Are Children.

They Are Children

Children are “fleeing for their lives,” according to journalist Sonia Navario, who has investigated the root causes, circumstances, and plight of vulnerable migrants who have been traveling — often by themselves at enormous risk — to the United States and other countries throughout the Americas from the Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. 323 more words


Skellig Michael - Vortex Energy - Sacred Sites & the Ley of the Land

I have been working with Emily much of the night (for me) and with Veronica, who plans to make a video asap, hopefully with Andrew Bartzis. 960 more words


Hobby Blah Blah Blah-by

I am so sick of hearing about this. It is borderline ridiculous. It is over people; supreme court says so. Here are the nut and bolts of it. 464 more words


Conservatives ought to stay home this November

But it’s liberal incumbent Hanna (Malkin might as well have named Tom Reed) and his D.C. backers who are the elitists out of touch not only with GOP voters, but also with mainstream Americans… 158 more words


Meet an election specialist – Malcolm Mackerras

This interview is the first in a series which I had originally planned to title “Meet a psephologist” and use as a series of interesting articles about people who study, work in and write about elections. 1,375 more words