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Big stink in North Korea

This video of the Dere Leader has Kim Jong Un in high dudgeon. He’s demanding that the vid be taken down so view it while you can. 96 more words


About Me

I am not an angry black man. I’m just sick of a lot of bullsh#t going everyday, involving people of ALL races. Our society as a whole is seriously f#cked up and I just want to try help get people to see these problems as being easily solvable. 557 more words

Social Media

I realised that I often want to just vent something immediately, without it needing to be a long blog post.

Or I want to vent something and I’m too lazy to write a long blog post. 56 more words

The Ordinary Form Mass and How It Should Be Sung

Forget “The 4 Hymn Sandwich”, as in reality, this is not really allowed by The Church. Considering the Banal “Quality” of what is being sung(Or Ignored, which is most of the time), it is time to get rid of such songs(Hymns are reserved for worshipping God, Not SELF), which are filler. 706 more words

Catholic Teachings

Offensive? Shocking? Child Abuse? Little Aryan Girl Plays with Her Adolf Hitler Doll

Quick! Someone call child protective services NOW! This sweet little girl is going to grow up wanting to kill six gazzillion Jews. Keep all cylinders of Zyklon-B out of her hands! 100 more words

Somehow, Despite MTA Bus, I Made It To The 5:15PM Mass

The MTA Bus Company, which is a legalized form of Torment, calls itself a Public Benefit Corporation, where anybody but the Public, Benefits. If the Q60 Bus is any indication, one should bring plenty of Peptic Bismuth. 266 more words

Catholic Teachings