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Back to school and back to laughter

For those young enough to go back to school, here are some jokes to make it bearable. For others to old for school, I got nothing. 645 more words


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Welcome to my little piece of the internets.

Here, you will find a
♦ (usually) humorous
♦ no-holds-barred
♦ non-sugar-coated
♦ and, frequently, politically incorrect… 245 more words


Do you write for money or for artistic expression?

Had someone ask me that question because they said it didn’t matter what number of people I had reading me as long as they were focused on it. 713 more words


In Canada, aka Toronto

‘La migraine, c’est moi’

It used to be that you might not like some politicians due to their idiosyncrasies, and you did not need to know what their personal habits were. 1,007 more words


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"There was Robert Bourassa (‘Boubou’), René Lévesque (better known as Rene Québec, and subject of a famous song after he ran over a fucking drunk, ‘Just walk away, Rene, you won’t see me underneath your car’)."

The Incorrect Political Correctness

I think one thing that frustrates me when discussing cultural awareness and acceptance is this idea that discussing it at all is irrelevant. There are arguments to be made that “political correctness” is an accepted truth, and as such, one need not converse on the subject. 382 more words

Cultural Awareness